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OutsideSlacker contains the idle musings of what others would call a weekend warrior in the Philippines. It’s not exactly a fitness blog, and I am not exactly an athlete. Try as I might, I don’t think I’ll ever be a podium finisher in the trail runs I join, the mountain bike races I take part in, nor will I ever be able to climb 5.13. So, this blog doesn’t presume either to present the perfect fitness checklist that would turn its readers into Lance Armstrongs, Kilian Jornets, or Chris Sharmas.

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Let’s face it, those guys are freaks.  In the case of Armstrong, he is a lying, cheating, and stealing freak. They have a genetic makeup that simply puts them above everyone else. But that doesn’t mean regular folks can’t enjoy doing the same things they are doing–running, biking and climbing.

It’s just about guys (and girls) having fun, getting a bit healthier, and maybe a happy realization or two about what it means to be alive every now and then. Just good vibes.

This blog is also a personal project to motivate myself to run, bike, climb and do other interesting things outdoors. Why? Because sometimes the lure of the couch, the smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. can be overpowering in a world where ubiquitous connectivity promises instant gratification of the need to escape boredom. But that isn’t a very good way to experience life is it? The philosopher Nietzsche said that we get only one chance to live on this Earth, and we better make the most out of it–do something great and exciting. And so this.

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  • Hey! Thanks for including us in your blogroll. Will be adding your blog to our link page.

  • this is a very interesting blog! keep it up kuya! ang cool !

  • Sir, i’ve been reading your blog for almost a month now. All of your articles are very interesting, in fact i’ve finish reading most of your articles. you’ve motivated me to go out and enjoy the outdoor. Thanks and more Power!

  • Astig Sir! Naway mapuntahan ko din mga na pasyalan nyo.
    Bili muna ko MTB
    thanks sa mga info!

  • hi sir, so happened to stumble upon your blog because of your Bisikleta Iglesia entry.
    nice to know that there are active bloggers from Rizal.. keep it up.

    i am now a fan.

  • Hi,
    How are you and hope you all the best.
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    Will you taking part in The 25th China International Bicycle &Motor Fair in Shanghai in May 6th-9th.
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    hope to cooperate with you.

  • So happy to have come across your blog! Finally, an informative Philippine bike blog! Bookmarked it already for reference 🙂 Keep it up!

  • erwin adhitama hilman

    April 8, 2016 at 11:20 am

    hi nice to meet you , I Erwin from Indonesia , for the next 18 months I will probably stay in manila for work , and I really like mountain bike , can you help me to show the mountain bike tracks around manila

    thank you

    erwin hilman

    • outsideslacker

      April 11, 2016 at 8:52 am

      hi erwin, you could join me in my rides one of these days. please visit the outsideslacker fb page. i sometimes post ride invites there 🙂

  • erwin adhitama hilman

    April 11, 2016 at 11:14 am

    thank u

  • hi there. I want to start trail running.. any tips how I can start, and where do I start doing trail running?

    • Hi Gica, one of the best places to start is Timberland in San Mateo. You can try scaling The Wall to boost your lung and leg power and then transition to the Basic Trail so you can really practice some offroad running. Tips? Bring a hydration belt or bag, and invest some real trail shoes. Running on trails will cause your road running shoes to fall apart real quick.

  • Sir im also one of your closet fan, closet fan kasi gang pabasa basa lang ng mga sinusulat nyo na nakapost sa FB, im from Binangonan, a bicycle addict din since college days. Sa ngayon di masyado kasi 13 years nasa Saudi para sa pamilya. Hope someday po magkasalubong landas natin sa Rizal when were biking po.

  • I love biking and writing. I found your blog interesting. Keep it up! You’re inspiring, Sir!

  • I’m an avid blog reader and an enthusiast MTB biker too.
    I like the format and every blogs that you covering because it has no limitations. Keep it up and I am learning thru your blogs and who knows I might join your group and ride along the way…Mabuhay!

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