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The UP Diliman Bike Trail

UP Diliman Trail

The UP Trail! No longer ‘Forbidden’

U.P finally gets a bonafide biking trail! And it actually requires a bit of technical bike handling!

I am actually torn between sharing this and keeping it a secret. I want to share it because I want others to try this trail and have as much fun as I’m having. But at the same time, I shudder at the possibility that hordes of people will flock to this trail and create a singletrack version of Edsa on Friday payday.

It’s the surfers dilemma: Do you invite others to your local break or do you keep it to yourself?

UP Diliman Trail

I wanted a quick bike ride in UP, so I had my pilot prepare our helibike rack and load up my ride

I am choosing to spread the word. Who knows? If this trail turns out to be a hit, other trails may get built in U.P and turn the State U campus into the next urban trail biking destination.

This place already has the trees, the undulating terrain, and a very active biking community. Purpose-built trails are just waiting to be built. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that.

Anyway, the U.P trail is a short XC track near the College of Human Kinetics, which is also known as the U.P gym. It was built by volunteers from CHK and the U.P Outdoor Recreation Group or ORG. Kudos to you guys! You did an effin good job here!

UP Diliman Trail

UP Diliman Trail

UP Diliman Trail

UP Diliman Trail

UP Diliman Trail

UP Diliman Trail


It makes me feel proud to have once been a part of ORG. I was an applicant in the 90s but activism, rock and roll, beerfests, and occasional academic indulgences got in the way of becoming an inducted member.

If you’re a newbie who’s just getting his/her biking legs, you should definitely try the U.P trail. This will give you a very good sampler of what you should expect in Timberland’s trails.

This trail will introduce you to proper bike handling and build up your confidence when tackling technical trail features. The exit used to be technical but because of several accidents on this segment, UP ORG made it a little easier.

The UP Diliman Trail

Fire trees in bloom at the The UP Diliman Trail

UP Diliman Trail

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  • nice punta nko dito one time

  • Sir, ikaw nga yung nakita kong kumukuha ng pic sa “no helmet no ride” signage =) dalawa kami nun. kaya di tumuloy kasi may nakapost na ng ganun..pero kinabukasan eh binalikan namin yan. at may dala na kaming helmet.heheheh

  • Thanks for deciding to share. First, thanks to the volunteers who made the trails. Great Job. It was very useful to newbies. Dinala ko friends ko (newbies) last Apr 9 (buti holiday), and they enjoyed to the max. I had a bad landing though dun sa isang trail near central ave. the ramp at the exit tempted me to do the jump kasi. I managed to have a good take off, kaso yung receiver pala medyo malalim na, so I had a double bounce in result.

    • outsideslacker

      April 25, 2014 at 2:57 pm

      hi glenn, sana nga lalo pang dumami trails sa UP. any biker who has seen the place will know that the terrain presents a lot of potential.

      tricky nga yung exit hehe. muntik rin ako sumemplang first time ko dun. it looks unfinished to me. i think the designers were thinking of building a fast berm there

  • Wow. never ko pa matry mag trail.. gusto ko to matry.. kaya ko ba to?

  • Your blog is very awesome. Nothing fancy, straight to the point, and very generous with visuals. I like it also that you are not mayabang. Thanks for putting up one.

    Meanwhile, would you know how many kilometers this trail/loop is? Will consider visiting it. Miss the isaw in my Alma Mater 🙂

    • outsideslacker

      June 6, 2014 at 9:53 am

      thanks! 🙂 i try to keep the articles short and sweet and free of ego whenever i can. the u.p diliman bike trail is pretty short, maybe just 1km. what i usually do is i make a long loop of the campus going through the outer oval through the science complex and all the way to heartbreak hill and then go to the bike trail for some technical riding para hindi bitin but you can also do several sprint loops of the u.p bike trail if you don’t like pavement. 2-3 sprint loops can really get your heart rate up.

      the isaw is always great. but you should also try the eateries on jp laurel st. it’s actually becoming a foodie destination in the metro

      • Thanks for replying. Will consider them eateries. A kilometer. Yes, several sprint loops should do it.
        Just a suggestion, how about uploading a GPS-mapped route of the trails you feature in your blog? Runtastic Mountain Bike is an app that can track your route (among other things). It’s free anyway. I’m sure it’ll be helpful.

        • outsideslacker

          June 6, 2014 at 11:02 am

          I’ve been meaning to do that actually. Just need some sparange for a good powerbank so my smartphone doesn’t run out of juice when i go on all day trips outside manila 🙂

  • I’ve been reading most of your articles and I find them helpful! I really like how you write and keep technical words to a minimum for newbies to understand. I really want to try biking sa trail pero wala pa akong bike XD I read your tips, and still looking for a good bike.

  • Tricky po yung sa puro mud ang hirap pumidal =)

  • Napaganda nitong site nyo. Nagpaplano pa lang ako mag-bike/bumili ng bike. Salamat at marami na ako mababasa at matututunan habang inaassemble ko yung pangbili ng bike.

  • Where can you rent bikes in UP? Is there a group that does biking on certain days? Appreciate information.

    • hi, as far as i know, walang nagpapa-renta ng bikes sa UP. if you want to try biking there, i think travel factor offers group rides. but i’d suggest investing in your own bike if you really want to get into biking 🙂

  • hi sir! May ninja route ba kayong alam pag manggaling manila or makati tapos dito punta? Bike all the way lang kasi sana. Thanks in advance!

    • a ninja never reveals his secrets! :p actually, shortest route is just follow q-ave all the way to diliman. ingat lang sa underpass at sa qc cirle. from makati naman, pwede na yung c5. i’ve done both of these routes at safe naman sya basta alerto ka

  • first timer sa mtb pero sinipag na agad sa mga ridses 3x during week days after work umiikot ako sa taytay-cainta-junction-tikling back to taytay. nag search ako ng magagandang pwedeng puntahan near taytay na kaya ng mga first timer then nbasa ko tong blog about u.p and now pang apat ko nang balik sa u.p every sunday kung hindi ako mag ride sa motorcycle ko mtb nman Ilove u.p yung malaking oval nila mga nag gagandahang joggers and pang main event ko yung mtb track. first muntik na akong sumemplang sa track doon sa pangalawang pa bulusok pa baba kc pag baba biglang liko pero naka survive nman hehe. 21kl frm taytay to u.p solve na solve na ako tnks to this blog. more power sir and hope marami p akong ma discover na magandang puntahan mula sa inyo God bless!

  • everyday po ba open ang UP trails at oval pra sa mga bikers at mga nag jojoging?

    • outsideslacker

      April 18, 2015 at 4:54 pm

      yup, open yan everyday. di mo kailangan ng ID to run and bike sa UP dahil malaya ang unibersidad na ito hehe

  • Hi Sir, hindi ko nakita yung entrance ng trail na yan, ang napuntahan ko yung sa likod ng archery, medyo extreme pala doon at may bangin. Actually hinahanap ko yung Entrance sign doon sa picture na post mo, pero hindi ko nakita. Kasi I asked the guard sabi nga nya 2 daw yung trail doon, I asked kung saan yung madali he pointed out the direction kaya lang napunta ako doon sa parang parking area lang na dirt.

    • outsideslacker

      May 5, 2015 at 4:12 pm

      may trail dun. if you see the hump near a tree, that’s the start of the trail. maiksi din lang at di masyadong technical

  • Ikaw na naka Helicopter.. wahaha

  • Hi Sir patulong nman route neto from taft manila?
    Thank you

    • from taft, mag quiapo kayo tapos quezon ave. derecho lang ng quezon ave hanggang makarating kayo ng UP, tapos dun sa guard station bago dumating ng oblation, kaliwa kayo. pauntang u.p gym yan, nandun ang trail. good luck

  • Unfortunately… Wala na yung offroad bike trail…

  • Ongoing construction… hopefully it won’t be removed :c