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8 tips on buying your first mountain bike

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How to buy your first mountain bike

So you’re sick of spending the weekends glued to the TV. You’re feeling slightly guilty about spending half your day “liking” status updates. You’ve also noticed your neck is starting to disappear, while another layer of love handles is pushing its way up your sides. 

You know you need to get some exercise, and biking seems a likely choice. It doesn’t look as physically taxing as running, and it can burn as many calories. The only problem is… you don’t have a bike yet. You need to buy your first mountain bike.

After I posted the article about switching to a 29er bike, the blog has been getting a lot of search hits about “buying a bike.” So I thought about cobbling together a few tips on just how to do this.

Buying your first bike can be intimidating especially when you’re a newbie who doesn’t know what to look for in a bike. Most people simply have a budget and expect to get a decent enough bike with this. But what exactly is a decent enough bike? It depends on what you need, or what you think you need. Here are some tips on how to buy your first bike.

Bikes and money

There’s no such thing as a free bike. Be prepared to spend if you want a quality ride.

1. Think about your goals and your budget
It is possible to get a mountain bike for around Php 4,000. These are the no frills generic bikes sold in malls and stores where parents get toy bikes for their toddlers. They are generally heavy, have less durable components, and are butt ugly.

But they’re also good enough for a few rounds around the village, for doing a few errands to the next barangay, and for getting from point A to point B as long as there are no hard climbs and technical terrain involved. If that’s all you’re looking for, then they are decent enough bikes.If you plan to go farther, weight becomes an issue, which means you need to look beyond the generic bikes, and spend a bit more.

2. Check out your local bike shop (LBS)
But first, check out your local bike shop, or LBS in the biker lingo. Use Google to find out if there’s a nearby shop you can go to—one that you can bike to in less than an hour. There’s nothing quite like visiting a real bike shop (as opposed to online sellers and websites) and seeing bikes, bike parts and accessories up close and personal. The difference is like online dating and then finally meeting eyeball to eyeball with your date. Who knows? The bike of your dreams may just be waiting for you in your friendly neighborhood LBS.

A lot of bikers go to the bike shops of Quiapo and Cartimar, Pasay where bikes and bike parts are generally cheaper, but I recommend going to an LBS for your first bike. This allows you to also get to meet other bikers in your area and become part of a biking community. They may even invite you to a ride eventually. And if anything goes wrong with your bike, at least you don’t have to travel too far to get it fixed by the LBS’s bike mechanics.

Glorious Ride Bikeshop along Anonas Ext. Sikatuna Village QC

Glorious Ride Bikeshop, our LBS in the UP area has tons of great stuff. Carlo, the owner, is also a very approachable guy who will go out of his way to help customers.

I live in UP Village, and I get nearly all of my stuff from Glorious Ride Bikeshop in nearby Sikatuna. As a long time customer, I get excellent service and great discounts from them. And yes, don’t be afraid to ask for discounts.

(Of course, if you want a really big discount, you can also opt for a second hand bike, but that is probably best left for another article.)

If your budget is around Php 10,000 to 12,000, it is possible to buy something decent enough in your LBS. If your budget permits it, buy a fully-built bike. A lot of brand name built bikes like Cannondale, Specialized and Giant are now available for 15,000 and up. Some really good entry level 29er bikes are also now sold for Php 22,000. Buying a fully built bike saves you the trouble of having to figure out parts. But…

3. Don’t be afraid if you’re clueless about bike parts and components.
It’s always better to buy a fully built bike if you have the budget for it. It can really save you a whole lot of head scratching and guesswork. Some people however prefer to DIY and mix and match components to suit their budget. Having a bike assembled isn’t  that much of a chore. Just check the infographic below for a crash course on bike parts.

Basic parts of a mountain bikeBike store owners and mechanics will also help you choose which components will fit into your budget. This is another reason why I recommend going to an LBS, it builds a relationship based on trust between you and the bike store people.

Also try to bring along a friend who knows bikes so he/she can give a second opinion about the bike you’re having assembled. He/she may just caution you on getting parts that are cheap but unreliable, or point you to a real bargain.

For a budget of 10k-15k, expect to get a bike with low end Shimano Altus or similar components, with a Suntour XCT suspension fork. If your budget is a bit higher, you could get Shimano Acera or Alivio component groupsets. Acera is entry level; Alivio is a bit higher; Deore is much higher and more expensive. The more expensive they get, the lighter they are. If you have a 30k budget, try to get Shimano Deore parts or a Suntour Epicon fork. About the bike frame…

4. Check your frame size.
Before you get your bike assembled, you first need to make sure that bike frame will fit you. Here’s a simple cheat sheet.

Bike frame size cheat sheetSome bike shops have a more elaborate way of determining bike fit–if they offer it for free, avail of it. You can also visit this website for more details about frame sizes.

Sometimes bike shops will stock only small, medium or large frame sizes. Small is generally 15-16, medium is 17-18, and large is anything beyond. Be honest about your height. If you’re 5’1, don’t say it’s 5’5 or 5’8. You may end up with an uncomfortable bike that’s too big for you.

Bike mechanic

Have a chat with the bike mechanic. That’s how you learn.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Try to hang around while your bike is being assembled. Ask the mechanic about which part goes where. It would really be handy to bring along a friend who knows about bikes while your bike is getting put together. This is how you learn more about bikes and biking. 

6. Test your bike immediately after it’s assembled.
Even the best bike mechanics may sometimes miss a loose screw or two, so it’s best to ride the bike a bit, test the shifters, test the fork, for anything that might be amiss. Ask the mechanic about anything that bothers you about the bike. Take it for a short ride. Some parts will work smoothly immediately, while some parts may still need to be broken in. The next day, try to take it for a longer ride.

Bikers in UP Diliman

Try to practice on safe roads before you hit the trails. UP Diliman is a great place to go biking.

7. Enjoy your first bike.
Soon enough you’ll be stricken with a malevolent and potentially costly disease which bikers call (in whispered tones with tears running down their cheeks) …upgraditis. So do try to enjoy your first bike as much as you can. Soon enough, you’ll be lusting after the bikes of others, wishing you had better components, cutting down on your trips to Starbucks to save up, pawning your precious belongings so you can buy those carbon fiber bar ends, those titanium seat pins… which leads us back to…

8. Think about your goals and your budget…

Bikeshop customer

“May titanium spokes ba tayo? Ah… kahit beryllium na lang…”

Well, now that you have a new bike. What are you gonna do with it? You could practice on some pavement to get your pedaling legs some experience. But after a week or so on the road, it’s time to hit the trails. Here are some of the mountain bike trails around Metro Manila which you should try and visit.

UPDATE: This post has been getting a lot of search hits from people seeking more info about buying bikes and bike parts in Quiapo. There are at least two bike shops there which have built a pretty solid reputation. King’s Bicycle store offers a very good selection of parts. Cycle Art is also another store frequented by bikers. You need to have ninja bargaining skills though if you want to score some discounts as the sales people there are experts at spotting newbies 🙂  If you’re unfamiliar with Quiapo (and how is that even possible?) this map ought to help you.

PS. Some bike shops, like Glorious Ride, allow you to buy a fully built bike and trade in its entry level components (like fork, wheels and drive train) for higher end parts for some extra cash. If you have extra cash, this is a sweet deal.

Meanwhile, if you already have a bike and have begun to feel the symptoms of upgraditis, check out my bike upgrade tips so you don’t end up robbing a bank to fund your bike addiction. Your wallet may just thank you for it 🙂

BTW: You’re going to need a helmet if you want to ride the trails. Trails like La Mesa and Timberland won’t allow you to ride without a lid on your head.

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  • I was there yesterday! I saw you taking pictures.

  • Very helpful article. I was thinking of buying a mtb at Glorious for the nice reviews on the LBS next year so that i can have a decent amount for a entry level bike. Thanks for the tips. and yes, i will not be shy to ask for discount. 🙂 thanks for the useful and informative tips.

    • Glad to be of help. Glorious Ride is a great bike shop; they treat their customers very well. Do check out the other articles on the blog. If you’re looking for a great vacation this summer, try mountain biking in Sagada 🙂

  • Thank you for your simple and yet informative tips on buying a mountain bike. I’m also a newbie. And this is really great for people such as myself. 🙂

    • outsideslacker

      June 4, 2013 at 1:57 pm

      Thanks for dropping by. I’ll try to post more useful articles in the coming days 🙂

  • I enjoyed reading your site. Now I want to buy my own bike. Have stopped for 7 years since I transfered work here in Manila I’m 45 but I am as strong and healthy as a horse. Can’t remember the last time I got sick. Will update you once I get my bike and been to Corregidor.

    • outsideslacker

      June 5, 2013 at 11:49 pm

      Bike on! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by. Watch out for my next post on Biking to Antenna Hill and the Angono Petroglyphs

  • Great big help. I stopped 10yrs ago and since the love handles are showing up, i’ve decided to go back biking. Was in quiapo over the weekend, i’m glad i just looked around and got to read this before making my wallet (and my wife) cry!

    • outsideslacker

      June 18, 2013 at 9:06 am

      got a new bike? timberland at antenna na! :p just kidding. maybe after 2 weeks or so of biking for an hour or more, and you’ll be ready to hit the hills. have fun bro!

  • Yes! Finally something about how to lose stomach fat.

    • outsideslacker

      July 11, 2013 at 7:50 am

      Hi evidean, biking is not exactly a magic bullet vs the fatty monster, but it helps immensely esp if you bike everyday 🙂

  • thank you for this tips, Big big help.trying to hit Cartimar today. any reputable shops in cartimar you recommend?

    • outsideslacker

      July 11, 2013 at 7:47 am

      Hi nong, there are way too many bike shops in cartimar pasay 🙂 but i got my old 26er from Paulina’s. Happy hunting!

  • Nice site! Very informative.

  • Excellent Article! Just what I needed.

  • Nice. Very helpful article.

  • i’m a student…just moved in to my dorm in recto…hope you can give a specific bike model given my resources
    (budget: 4000, purpose: exercise)
    would appreciate it if you could recommend a specific shop in quiapo
    -based on your article it would seem that i would be getting an ugly bike, still i want to get the most value from my precious allowance…tnx

    • outsideslacker

      July 31, 2013 at 11:39 am

      Hi Ace, what you should do is this: visit each of the bike shops in Quiapo (there’s more than 5 I think) and ask about what kind of bike they have which will fit your budget. Tell them you’re just canvassing for a bike. List down the prices and what you like or dislike about each bike, and then pick one which is not too heavy on the pocket but is still easy on the eyes.

      Don’t worry too much about looks (beauty is the eyes of the beer-holder) or the performance of the bike. What’s important is that you’re getting a bike that will give you mobility and some exercise too. My first mtb back when I was still in college was a no-name generic bike bought from a neighborhood hardware shop in our town, which also sold kiddie bikes. By today’s standards it’s an unattractive and unwieldy bike. But I had hours and hours of fun with it–sunny days spent just exploring the far away nooks of our town.

      On performance, consider this guy here from the KOM race which i joined last month. This super lolo was riding a bike which looked like it didn’t belong in a race, but he passed lots of riders on more expensive bikes (including me) and kicked our collective asses! So, yeah, it really isn’t about the bike.

      Since you’re going to use your first bike in a mostly urban setting, I suggest you also get a helmet, a blinker, and a bike lock. Have fun! 🙂

  • Do you have folding bikes? If you have how much is the price range. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Eca, outsideslacker.com is not a bikeshop. But if you live in the QC area and are looking for a good place to buy folding bikes, you can try Glorious Ride Bikeshop on 88 Anonas St. Barangay East Kamias, 1102 Quezon City, Philippines. You can also call them at 4346426, and +63 9178570829. Other great bike shops are John Wilkie in Marikina, King’s Bicycle Store and Cycle Art in Quiapo, Paulina’s in Cartimar Pasay, and All Terra in Home Depot, Ortigas Center Pasig. There are tons of other great bike shops out there, but these are the ones I’ve been to.

      • Just called King’s Bicycle Store, and she told me they are not selling folding bikes anymore… :'(

        • sorry for late reply, nasa benguet ako last weekend. try mo rin sa cycle art, glorious ride bikeshop o kaya john wilkie. saan ka ba malapit bro?

  • do you have a downhill mountain bike ???? but the shock is in the front only

    • Hi andrei, downhill bikes (at least the ones used in downhill races) always have rear shocks. i’m more of an xc or cross country guy than a downhiller, so i don’t really need a rear shock 🙂

  • sir ask ko lang po kung my peke ba sa mtb frame vison ang brand, and ano po bang magandang fork na medyo lowbudget? yung suntour xcr po ba ok na kaya yun?ty po sa tips

    • hi mel, di peke ang vision. it’s a taiwanese bike frame maker ne medyo di masyado sikat pero quality naman ang produkto nila. when i got back into mtbiking five years ago, vision frame ang binili ko kasi medyo mura sya. nag-upgrade ako na ako to a 29er, but i still have my vision frame sa bodega. baka gawin ko syang singlespeeder na urban bike

      ok naman yung xcr as a budget fork. pero kung medyo may budget ka, hanap ka ng second hand na epicon fork. meron nyan sa pinoymtbiker.org o kaya sa sulit.com.ph. thanks for dropping by 🙂

  • Wow very informative sir! Sakto nagplano ako bumili ng bike. First bike ng isang 30 yrs old.

  • HI there,

    Thanks for this post. I am looking at buying one. It is my first bike, i intend to use it for the trail in the Fort and maybe La Mesa. It is a republic frame, with Shimano parts – 9 speed alivio. Disc breaks and 27 gear combi. 3 x 9 fork travel is 120mm and comes with shocks and remote release system.

    This of course is a little confusing for me. I have been offered this for 15k. Is this a good deal? I appreciate your feedback.

    • hi rachel, is this brand new? what is the brand of the fork? alivio is a good groupset for that budget, but ask also if it’s hydraulic. is it a female-specific mtb frame? please snap a few pics of the bike and send it outsideslacker@gmail.com 🙂 finally, what’s your height and what’s the size of the frame?

      • The brand is a 2013 avenger, yes it is brand new. Zoom ZXR air suspension. 120 mm travel and remote lockout. The frame is rigid. Whatever that means?

        I dont have pic of it because i am not with it. It is in the warehouse i am thinking of buying from.

        • hi rachel, i don’t know about the specifics of the bike, but based on what you told me, here it is… alivio groupset costs between 6,000 – 6,600; a bike frame can cost between 3,000 – 4,000; while an entry level fork can cost around 2,500. but your fork (which is not so familiar to me) costs around 5.5k on amazon. throw in the other parts like wheels, handle bars, seat etc and it could cost more than 15k. seems like a fair price to me. but try to haggle and get a discount. you might get the price down further if you’re good at it 🙂 i hope the frame fits you. what’s the name of the bike shop?

  • sir,any suggestion for wat is da best 29er entry level frame, im planing on assembling my first mtb,thanks…

    • the current frame i use is a venzo scud 29er. it’s not a very flashy frame, but it’s very light and sturdy and is being sold at glorious ride bikeshop for only 7.9k there’are other frames there that are even cheaper–the vision werxs 29er which is 4.7k and the vision chase 29er which is just 4.2k, but they’re a bit heavier i think. if i was filthy rich, i’d get the salsa el mariachi titanium 29er which is 100k and weighs about as light as a macbook air. pero wala ako pera kaya pwede na sa akin ang ganitong setup :p suggestion: since it will be your first bike, why don’t you buy a fully built one? swap mo na lang yung ibang parts na ayaw mo for higher end parts. some bike shops allow that. sa glorious ride alam ko pwede yun.

      thanks for dropping by

      • thank you for your response sir, actually im planing on buying the fully built one,on the second thought i was encourage by my co-workers to assemble kc daw mgpapalit din aq ng high end parts bat daw di nalng ako direct magassemble at the same time high end parts na kunin,as of now im using the old mtb not the alloyed one, been using it in most uphill track, i want to upgrade xympre,ehehe i rather take ur suggestion on the frame

        • some bike shops allow you to buy a fully built bike, and then swap the low end parts for components of your choice. they’ll allow you to swap acera for deore, and xcr forks for epicon. may extrang bayad na lang. i think that’s the best deal.

  • Denel Cansenaje

    October 15, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    Thanks for this info sir. It is a great help for us newbie thinking of building/assembling MTB soon. Will ask you for you opinions and suggestions in the near future.



  • hi. Do they really give discount?? even for not regular customers? if yes, then how much is the common discount they are willing to give. Im planning to buy MTB ranging 16-20k. Im curious how much discount could i get. Thankss

    • Hi aldrin, yes most bike shops give a discounts if you know how to bargain. Quiapo bikeshops sometimes hold sales of up to 20% discount. I got a 30% discount on my manitou 29er fork at glorious ride in anonas. Depending on what you’re buying, you can get a 10-15% discount at glorious ride and other bike shops

      • Ahh thanks sir. I have one more question sir, coz I bought a MTB last saturday on Cycling Zone located in alabang near Alabang Town Center. They gave me around 10% discount from SRP of 16,500 so i just paid 14,900. Im just curious sir if it is overprice or fair, My frame is Fuji, the whole body is alloy, also the wheels, SHIFTERS Shimano Altus, BRAKE SET hydraulic disc. But my main concern is the frame, fuji, is it good and reasonable for the price?? thanks, ill wait for your answer po

        • Hi aldrin, i think you got a pretty good deal there 🙂 fuji is a good brand. Enjoy your bike and don’t worry too much about the components. When your budget permits and you think that you can use an upgrade, check out my post on how to upgrade your bike. But for now, your priority should be having as much fun as possible with your bike

  • Very helpful and I was able to picked up some good tips! I’m following the trail and like them i’m also a newbie and been planning to buy my 1st mtb on my 28th bday nxt week.. as a net shopper for years i never had problems looking for stuffs that i like and ending up buyin them in a snap but i never thought that finding the best mtb would be this difficult. I followed ur tips and checked on the nearest bike shops. Ofcourse first in the list is the budget, mine is 15k-20k i checked on shiotie bike station in bf paranaque and they gave me a quote for revel 1 for 18k but with acera and mechanical break. Drove all the way to pasay at bicycle world of stan13 and compared the cannondale trail 6 but the group set and break are also off. My colleague advised me to go to quiapo and all i need to do is to tell them how much is my budget and they’ll put up something. I don’t want to end up losing money and not getting the best bike for my buck. I’ve seen posts from hope cycle, stan13, jlbikeshop, and alot more.

    • Hey josh, a 20k bike should get you an alivio hydraulic setup. Add maybe 5k and you may bargain for a deore setup, but i would rather spend the extra money on a good fork like epicon. Check out the online forums for a second hand epicon. Thanks for dropping by. Sorry i wasn’t able to answer earlier. I’m on vacation right now in palawan and the signal isn’t always so good.

  • I’m planning to buy my first bike. And I was browsing the net for some tips and came across this post. Iwas wondering if you could give me tips. I don’t really intend to buy a flashy mbk. I just want one that I could ride casually during free time or maybe on my way to work. I’m relly not on the technical regarding this bike stuffs so I’m a bit lost. Just want to ask what is good for me. And also, if how much it would cost me, as I am still on the process of saving up for my first bike (skip-snacks-and-avoid-impulsive-buying technique 😀 ). Where to buy? And would a ladies bike cost much?

    I’m sorry for a lot of questions but I hope you can help me out a bit. Thanks for your time.

    • Hi rin, an entry level ladies bike should cost somewhere between 12k-15k. the frame is generally different from a man’s bike, so it’s sometimes difficult to find one. My wife settled for a generic frame that’s XS or extra small. You can get bargains in quiapo or cartimar, but try checking out if you have a bike shop near where you live. This will save you the trouble of having to bike all the way to quiapo or taft pasay to have your bike serviced in case something’s off. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

      • Thanks a lot. There are a couple of bike shops near my place, so I’ll be checking that out.

        But I’m also curious as to what size my bike should be. I want my feet to land on the ground when I sit on the saddle. I saw your chart above on frames and probably S size fits me. My height is 5’5″. That frame size your referring above, is it the same as what sizes I see on the net with the numbers 18, 22 or 24 rims (i think)? Could I get the size I want using these numbers? And aside from size, what points are critical that I should look out for.

        Sorry for a lot of questions. I’m really a noob to this. Please answer if you have time. Thanks again.

        • hi Rin, sorry for the delayed reply. just got back from palawan this evening. the frame size number refers to the distance in inches from the bottom bracket to the… err, nevermind haha, just check the inforgraphic on the 8 tips article. anyway, entry level mountain bikes are generally 26ers (they have wheels with a 26 inch diameter)… i think an S-size frame will fit you just fine. if you’re not comfortable with that, try an XS. if you’re a newbie, i think what counts most in a bike is comfort, so get a wide soft saddle and foam grips. a good fork would also help. hope you can buy a bike soon and have loads of fun on two wheels. check out my article on upgrading. it may help you decide which bike parts you want to focus on.

          • Thank you so much Sir.
            I learned a lot from this.
            So I’ll be following your blog now (if you don’t mind :D)

            I really appreciate you taking some time just to answer my questions even if you’re busy yourself (I hope you had fun during your trip).

            I’m really excited to have my bike now.
            I’ll be sharing to you my adventures (and mishaps) once I got my own buddy (if it’s okay).

            Thanks so much again. *bows*

          • enjoy rding! 🙂 see you on the trails sometime

  • This is a good site…just found it a little bit not timely enough…already bought a cheap but decent entry level MTB for under 10K there a Bicycle World Pasay just this month. SGM Charles Jerry Limited Edtion..Alloy Frame. I think it’s what you call a 26’er. I am a beginner MTBiker…my route is MOA, Marina Bay area…ultimately going farther…I have decided to attend the Halloween Night Bike Ride this saturday Oct. 26, 2013. Your site is extremely useful and informative for noobs like me. More power to you sir and your site. 🙂

    • thanks arturo 🙂 hey man, it’s not about the bike, it’s about the rider! as long you you enjoy your bike and it gets you places, it’s the best thing in the world. attend din sana ako ng halloween bike ride ng pmtb but i’m planning to do a long epic ride on saturday morning. tingnan ko kung may lakas pa ako :p

  • Thanks sir. May God bless you.

  • Thank you for this post sir it is very informative for newbies like me. My blood got pumped with excitement just by reading this! My wife and i are planning to buy bikes and i stumbled upon this site where they sell Atomic brand bikes. Here are the specs:

    24 -Speed
    Size: 17
    Frame: Atomic XC 515 Green
    Handle Bar: Mars Kingdom
    Stem: Atomic
    Seat post: Mars Kingdom
    Fork: Atomic SF2 w/ lockout
    Shift Levers: Shimano Rapid Fire EF51-L
    Rear and Front Derailleurs: Shimano
    Sprocket: 8 Speed
    Crank: Shimano Altus FC-M171
    Brake Lever: Shimano 8 speed rapidfire
    Cables: Shimano
    Rim: Atomic
    Hub: Atomic
    Saddle: Atomic
    Peddal: Atomic
    Disc Brake: Atomic Mechanical
    Tires: 26 x 2.1 Hutchingson Aligator

    Price is around 11,800.
    What do you think sir?

    • hi miguel, i am not familiar with frames and components made under the atomic brand, so i can’t really vouch for it. but this seems like a fair deal for a new budget bike. you can use it to get around the city, and for some light rides on the trail. if you have a slightly higher budget, also try visiting some of the bike shops in quiapo. medyo kailangan kang tumawad, but you may get better components like a 24-speed drive train or 9-speed sprocket/cassette)

      but like i always said, the best bike is the one that you can afford, it’s the bike which allows you to enjoy riding within your means 🙂 it’s cool that you and your wife are planning to ride together

  • Hi…. really helpful tips … hope you could publish as well article on preparations before engaging into biking; the do’s and don’ts. btw, I live in batasan hills qc. can you suggest lbs in the area where can I buy my first bike?..

  • I was at glorious the other day. when I asked the staff a quotation for my 25K budget, he said it’s not enough, I need to have at least 32K!

    • hi marv, what are the specs of the bike you want? there’s plenty of bikers there that fit your budget. try sending them a pm on facebook

  • Thanks for the above tips on how to buy a new bicycle. I am a first timer and am interested in buying a folding bike. Will you please give me an idea on what would be the best bike for my budget? Pasok po sa budget of around 30-40K. Saan po may mga tindang Folding Bike, na malapit po from Antipolo?

    • hi bruce, i’m not an expert on folding bikes but with your budget, ang daming choices. check out this album from glorious ride

      eto naman yung mga bike shops an malapit sa antipolo. happy hunting! 🙂

      Ebike Cogeo Commercial Center
      Ground Floor Cogeo Commercial, CTR Gate 2 Brgy. Sta.Ana, Antipolo Rizal, M.L. Quezon St, Lungsod ng Antipolo, Philippines ‎
      +63 2 470 4457 ‎ · ebike.cdrking.com

      Alon Bicycle Shop
      L. Sumulong Memorial Cir, Antipolo City, Philippines ‎

      BTS Surveying and Sera’s Bicycle Shop
      Marcos hi way, Cor Buliran rd, San Isidro, Antipolo City 1870, Philippines ‎
      +63 2 407 7359 ‎

      Great Bikes Bike Shop
      29 D J. P. Rizal St, Lungsod ng Marikina, Philippines ‎
      +63 2 369 5057 ‎

      Trail Warriors Cyclery
      J & R Concon Centre, 91 Rosa Alvero, Quezon City 1108, Philippines ‎
      +63 2 738 2295 ‎ · facebook.com

      John Wilkie Bike Shop
      278 Jp Rizal Street, Marikina, Philippines ‎
      +63 2 646 8547

  • Good Day Sir,Ask ko lng po sna kung mas ok bumili ng MTB s probinsya nmin dto s sta.cruz, laguna o tlgang s manila po tlga mas mura,pti nagdduda po kc ako s mga built in nila bka po pinapalitan nila ng peke, ano po kya s palagay nyo?thnks po in advance..

    • hi rad, tanong tanong ka lang sa mga bikers sa lugar nyo kung ano reputasyon ng bike shops dyan. siguro naman may tapat na bike store dyan. kung may duda ka pa rin, o sige punta na ng quiapo or cartimar pasay. medyo hassle lang ang transpo, pero kung may sasakyan ka naman, ok lang 🙂

      sarap mag-bike dyan sa lugar nyo. ganda ng highways from rizal to mabitac to pagsanjan laguna. dami pa pwedeng akyatin sa caliraya, paete at makiling. padyak na! 🙂

  • Definitely a good read sir! I just visited a bike shop in Quiapo and got home with this quotation for a 26er: 2014 vision pursuit frame, XCT fork, acera groupset (mechanical), mavic 223 rims. Priced at 17k, i would appreciate your comment if this is a good deal for me?

    • hi arch, i don’t know the full specs that they gave you so i can’t really say if that’s one of the better deals. try browsing sulit for 26er bikes and compare your specs with the bikes there. baka pwede pang tawaran yan.

      • Based on your article, it seems to be a good deal (or at least a fair one) with Acera groupset and Suntour XCT fork. And I just fell in-love with the color combination on the 2014 Vision Frame (black and yellow). Anyways here are some of the parts I remember from the quotation: Kenda tires, Velo seatpost, Stylo Truvativ seatpost, handlebar & stem. I’m so itching to buy it but i just had to consider what you have to say. Should i go for it?..hehehe

        • go with your gut feel dude 🙂 sometimes the color scheme seals the deal for me too. when i switched to a 29er, the frame’s black, red and white colors got me sold too. pero parang mas ok nga yang yellow and black, those are the colors i chose for my site after all 🙂 subukan mo rin tumawad kahit 500 para may pang entry level helmet ka pa. hope to see on the trails soon

  • Hi sir, ask lang po sana ako for a bike na pwede na po sa katulad kung baguhan lang. 10k budget at pwede po magamit sa trabaho, Im 5’5″ po at kung saan po malapit na bike shop dito sa Cubao. Thanks po 🙂

    • hi, di ako pamilyar sa mga bike shops sa cubao. marami sa marikina, pero kung gusto mo makamura talaga, subukan mo sa quiapo. sa 10k, pwede ka nilang i-assemble ng ok na bike na pwede pang trabaho, at ok rin sa mga beginner na trail. salamat sa pagbisita sa blog 🙂

  • This is a very useful site. I am now more inclined to start a bike hobby / exercise. Will follow your advise to have a 10-15k budget for my first bike. Thing is, may makuha ba ako XS na frame? Im about 5’2″ only. Im near BTS in Antipolo or John Wilkie sa Marikina. Which store has better sales service? Can you also post a beginner trail? Many thanks and more power to you.

    • hi, i think a small size frame will still fit you. many bike shops have these in stock. i suggest you visit the bike shops yourself so you can get a feel of the place, see and meet the sales people in person so you can have a better idea of whether you’d want to buy from them. for beginners, try mo mag bike sa u.p. diliman campus, then sa timberland basic trail happy bike hunting! 🙂

  • How much does a pair of bike shoes cost? Im no biker but I attend spinning classes regularly as my cardio workout. I dont wanna wear my rubber shoes anymore coz my feet hurt after the class. It seems the pedal cages constricted my both feet or something else…. im not after with the brand but if you know one that is recognized for durability and quality and well…. reasonable price, thatll be very helpful. Also Im willing to go to Quiapo or Pasay but if you can refer me a good store so I dont have to go through bunches of shoppers this season for too long, another big points too. Thank you ! 🙂

    • hi gil, most of my friends use shimano mtb shoes. you can get them at glorious ride bikeshop in anonas, john wilkie in marikina, all terra in ortigas home depot, and many of the bikeshops in quiapo and cartimar pasay. on the other hand, i prefer using running shoes when biking since i find them more comfortable.

      but what are you doing taking spinning classes? it’s much much more fun being on a real bike outdoors! with your spinning cardio, you can probably conquer the wall already, and give some of the best trail bikers a run for their money 🙂

  • Hi,

    I am a newbie in biking and I just want to try it out. I am no rider or whatsoever, just want o exercise for sometime.
    Do you think this bike is okay with regards to the price http://www.sulit.com.ph/index.php/view+classifieds/id/32759760/mountain+bike?referralKeywords=mountain+bike&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-5,5#advertisementDetails

    2nd hand seems to be okay so I checked on sulit.
    Would you agree to the price and the quality of the said bike?

    • this looks ok as an urban commuter. price seems reasonable too. try riding it before buying it so you’ll know if some parts need fixing. good luck and hope you end up liking biking

  • hi sir , thanks to this article and to this website very informative..

    nag plan ako bumili ng mtb (1st bike) ok ba to sir for an entry ?

    • ok lang naman ito. medyo dehado ka na sa 21 speed ngayon kung aakyat ka ng bundok pero ok lang naman kung city biking. pero kung may konti ka pang budget, tingin ka rin ng iba.

  • Hi,

    As you mentioned in your post.. its good to visit a local bike store.

    They show me something like 7,700 pesos entry bike.

    The description that they told me eh ‘Oversize ito’. Alloy na ung frame.

    Not much on parts brand. Do you think hindi na ako lugi dito?

    Parang ayaw ko na kasi ng 2nd hand, leaning towards brand new since this will be my 1st bike.

    • hi nel, do you plan to use it on the road or on the trail? kung sa road lang, ok na siguro ang 7.7k entry level bike. pag sa trails, i’d recommend getting a frame that fits you, and has at least shimano altus or acera components. mapapagastos ka, pero mas enjoy naman talaga sa trails 🙂 warning, bikes that cheap usually have tires that puncture easily. baka kailangan mo papalitan yung gulong din.

  • Hi Sir,

    Thank you very for the very useful blog/site. Madami po akong natutunan. I would like to ask kung anong brand na built bike ang pde po sa akin, XS po ang size (since 5’0 po ang height ko) with budget of 10K pababa.

    Salamat po Sir.

    • hi, i’m not really particular about bike brands, especially kung budget bikes ang pinag-uusapan. marami na rin built bikes na binebenta for around 10k, just don’t expect to get big name brands like cannondale, trek or specialized. just go to a bike shop na mukhang disente, tell them your budget, and tell them what you want. usually, sila na bahala mamili ng frame and components na swak sa budget mo. to be on the safe side, always get an official receipt in case may component na defective so pwede mo papalitan. happy bike hunting 🙂

  • i wish i read this bago me nakabili ng bike. parang maliit nga sa akin ung bike ko. masakit sa pwet sa 3ikotnamin sa Yupi. Anyway 3500 lang naman, second hand. Balak kong mag upgrade, pero ung medyo mura lang mga second hand na pinagsawaan. Nabasa ko din artikol mo sa Timberland, baka bumili ako doon ng helmet at sunglass, pagnakaakyat kmi first tym doon, pinaka- trophy ko. More power, more beer. shet sarap makabeer nga memya.

  • hi sir

    nice reading this especially for a newbie like me..

    i wanted to buy my first MTB months ago pa, i have really no idea on MTB stuff (brands, what to buy, upgrades etc), as in 0 info on MTB. dito ko nga lng nakita sa post mo ung mga brand , dont even know shimano?:)

    would like to ask advice sir, i live in makati , plan to have MTB na pang city biking lng muna.pangtanggal ng beerbelly..:)..tried stationary biking at the gym and yeah, it bores me to the highest level.:)..

    my budget is 8k max, can i get a good bike with this budget? possible ba na makakuha ako na in the long run pwede ko siyang maiupgrade para maging pngtrail? fully built na sana ung gusto ko kasi wala tlga ako idea kung anu ang dapat. how would i know if yung ioffer nila ay hindi naman ako dehado (given the fact na wala tlga ako idea sa mga brands).:)..)?

    hope you can help me sir..tagal ko ng gustong mgbike. pangtanggal stress.;)

    thanks in advance.:)

    • hi jojo, for 8k you can probably get a bike with some shimano altus or sr suntour components, pero i’m not really sure about the prices these days. my advice is don’t sweat it. just go to a nearby bike shop (use google to look for a shop in your area) or head on to quiapo where the smaller bike shops always seem to have something for your budget. huwag mo na muna isipin yung upgrade, enjoy mo lang muna bike mo. as you ride it more and more, you’ll get to know which parts you want to upgrade.

      ride na bro 😉

      • thanks sir
        ill keep this in mind.:)

        who’s from makati who can accompany me and probably makasama sa biking? lol,

        sir, why not gather us (all pips commenting on your page) especially those newbies..;)
        haha para naman magkakakilanlan and probably form a biking community.:).

        meron actually dito LBS sa makati, near Zapote Jp rizal, just forgot the name of the store (check ko mayang gabi after office, baka alam mo sir.:)), nadadaanan ko lagi, may group na ngkikita kita nalng dun sa store, doing MTB stuff or ung iba kakatapos pa lang mgbike.

        kaya minsan nung gusto ko magcanvass and naabutan ko sila bigla ako nahiya.hahah

        • sorry bro, i’m not familiar with makati. i always get lost when i drive there :p but it’s a good idea to buy from that lbs, or ask any from that group if they can help you pick a bike for your budget. warning lang: kung matagal ng nagba-bike mga yan, they’ll probably push you to raise your budget and buy more expensive stuff :p

          mukha ngang active ang biking community nga dyan sa makati. last saturday night, i saw about 50 bikers along buendia. ang ganda nilang tingnan with their blinkers on.

          am actually trying to organize a trip to an mtb destination in rizal this month for the readers of this blog. sama ka next time

          • yun na nga sir e, kaya gusto ko someone wold accompany me para atleast 2 kaming makikipagbargain and my mahihingan ako ng 2nd opinion.my tendency kasi ako sir na madaan sa sales talk.haha

            wow , thats a good plan sir, road biking ba yang sa rizal or trail?baka hindi ko pa kayanin ang trail.hahah.

            ung bike ni Mickey sir pasok sa budget ko.hahah..hey Mickey for newbie like us, sama tayo kay sir next time.:)

          • So kelan itong ride ng mga follower ng blog na ito? lahat ng falls puntahan.

          • malapit na. pero huwag naman lahat ng falls haha

  • hi! i just bought my first bike it’s a Kelly Magic Bike. got it for 7k

    Frame: size 24 Alloy frame
    Fork: zoom forgo with lock out
    Handle bars: alloy 720mm
    Stem: funn
    Rims: double wall alloy
    Brakes: disc brakes
    Shifters: Shimano EF 40 7 Speed Rapid Fire
    Brake Handle: Shimano
    Rear Derailer: Shimano
    Front Derailer: Shimano
    Sprocket:7 Speed
    Crank: Semi alloy
    Tires: 24 x 1.95
    Hubs: quick release

    the bike is XS. tama for my height. 5″ 🙂 not bad i guess for my first bike. i hope na i can join some group of bikers. just biking around. i dont think im ready for some trails. 🙂

    btw nice blog! 🙂

    • Hey mickey, not bad at all. hope you enjoy your new bike 🙂

    • hi mickey

      saan mo nabili yang bike mo? pasok siya sa budget ko.:)..would like to try that one..specs wise, im not familiar if anu pinagkaiba niyan sa ibang specs,sabi nga ni ousideslcker, huwag na muna intindihan ang specs and just enjoy your bike.:)

      around 5’6-5’7 ako, Medium size ata ang tama sakin
      are you from makati?hope i can hear from you, kung around makati or pasay ka bumili, baka mapuntahan ko, and hopefully we can bike around.the city.wala din ako kasama, then hanap ng ibang group.:)

    • pre san mo nabili ung bike mo parehas kasi tayo ng height eh saka ganyan lang din ung budget ko

  • hi sir. i was planning to buy a bike and my budget was not that much and someone sell me his bike for 8k hhere are the specs

    Model: Cannondale trail 7
    Frame: double butted 6061 alloy
    Fork: suntour xct-v4-ds 100 mm
    Crank: sr suntour cw13-nex-t102
    Shifters: shimano fd tx50
    Front derailer: shimano fd tx50
    Rear derailer: shimano altus
    Wheels: weinmann dc5.0
    Tires: kenda kadre 2.1
    Brakes: tektro novela mechanical disc
    Stem: cannondale c4
    Saddle: cannondale stage 3
    Seat post: cannondale c4

    is it a reasonable price? thank you so much.

    • i think that’s a really good price. but i don’t know about the condition of the bike though so i can’t really say. does it look well-maintained? if yes, then go for it 🙂

      • sir mike

        nkapagcanvass ako online,may nakita ako sa sulit.:)..bicycle world somewhere in pasay.based sa feedbacks ok ung store hope you can advise if this worth my penny.).plan to go there on sat hopefully kapag ok ay bilhin ko na.

        SGM Charles and Jerry Alloy Mountain Bike P7.500
        Available colors: WHITE or Brown or Black,
        Product Specifications:
        SHIFTLEVERS: 7 Speed SHIMANO RAPIDFIRE (Shifter and Brake Handle Integrated)
        COGS: Taiwan Megarange 7 Speed Freewheel
        CHAINWHEEL : Semi Alloy (Arm is Alloy)
        TIRES: KENDA KOBRA 26 x 2.10
        MORE IMPORTANLY – QUICK RELEASE HUBS (NO Tools Required to remove)
        With Built – in Stand

        Veloce Torque Mountain Bike Shimano Parts ALLOY-P7300
        FRAME: Aluminum Alloy Ready for Racing Geometry
        FORK: SR Suntour SHOCKS
        SHIFTLEVERS: 7 Speed SHIMANO RAPIDFIRE (Shifter and Brake Handle Integrated) – Alloy
        COGS: SHIMANO 7 Speed Freewheel
        CHAINWHEEL : Semi Alloy (Arm is Alloy)
        STEM: ALLOY
        TIRES: KENDA 26 x 2.10
        MORE IMPORTANLY – QUICK RELEASE HUBS (NO Tools Required to remove)

        actually parang same specs lng sila…ktxt ko knina may ari.asked him anu offer niya if kuha pa ako ng helmet andl ights and of course humingi ako ng discount.he told me na bigyan niya ako discount sa helmet and lights pgdating ko dun.:)

        kindly advise sirmif ok ba itong mtb para sa entry level.kating kati na paa ko to hit the road.;)

        • parang pareho nga lang yung specs nila, although the veloce mentions it has suntour fork. just from the specs alone, parang mas ok yung second one, especially since it’s cheaper by 200 pesos 🙂 hope you get a good deal with the helmet and lights na rin, sana bigyan ka na rin nila ng water bottle for the bike. go for it na bro at ng makapag-bike ka na

          • yun oh,,you just given me more drive to buy this mtb sir.hahaha..will go for the veloce na.nilike ko ndin pala ung page mo sa fb/.pwede na ba tong veloce sir pang trail in case gusto ko na mglevel up after siguro 2 months of city biking?:).

            and pahabol na tanung sir, kapag ba kayo ngttrail and bikers came from lets south (makati), then sa ecopark ang bike,,ngdadala kayo ng sasakyan?o the bike tlga from home papunta trail?

          • as much as possible, padyak all the way ako. pero minsan pag kelangan makauwi agad, i also bring a car (regretfully). kahit one week pwede ka na mag-trail. basta alalay lang

  • oo nga sir

    wala pa naman ako sasakyan kaya padyak lng talga kung sakali..lol

    ill try one week,kabado nga sir e, tagal ko ng hindi ngbabike, first time ko pa sa kalsada dito sa metro manila kung sakali..:).kailngan ng ibayong pag iinangat.:)

  • noted sir.
    will check on this one probably dun din sa binilhan ko.

    tingin niyo mgkanu ito if sa store nalng ako bibili?

    as in medyo masakit , hindi komportableng upuan..ened up na patayo tayo just to ease the pain pero pg upo masakit na ulit

  • gud eve sir outsideslacker, ganda nang article na ito very usefull dami ko natutunan now sa dami nang research about buying my 1st MTB naka buo din nang desisyon ill go @glorious bike shop for the GT karakoram sport 29er kase sa shop na ito may mga tips about bike and biking and wat else the BIG DISCOUNT that awaits

    • yeah, first choice ko rin ang glorious for most of my biking needs 🙂 tell carlos and staff there you read about them here haha. i think they just finished a ride in sierra madre this weekend

  • may mga pix na nga po nka post sa wall ni sir carlo kahit malayo dadayuhin ko na yung shop niya sa feb,2014 from cavite to glorious bike pag uwi kailangan bitbit na si karakoram sport tz mga 3 to six monts upgrade naman pag sawaan ko muna tapos upgrade lang nang konti

  • i hope i can drop by later today. ill check your store..

  • Looking to buy for a MTB frame (hardtail or full suspension), do you have a list of Taiwan brands that have the same quality as the branded ones that will not break my bank.

    • hi paul. i’ve only used vision and venzo bike frames. vision for my 26er and venzo for my 29er. they are light and tough and so far haven’t failed me yet despite the hard rides i’ve subjected them to. some friends also use kinesis and khs

  • Hi,

    Need some advise on a bike frame. Im considering buying La Bici brand for 29er which cost 4500. What do you think of this brand? It’s a Taiwan made.

    • i think it’s a good deal. price is almost the same as one of those vision 29er frames, but less than venzo frames. for cross country biking those taiwanese manufacturers offer excellent value for money

      • Thanks

        As an entry level, can you provide some tips on buying wheels, what are things I need to consider or if you have a list of brands. It doesn’t have to be expensive, will use it for trail that can last.

        • if you’re going to have your bike assembled and you’re on a budget, i suggest you just let the bike shop choose the parts for you. tell them what you’re going to use the bike for and they can recommend parts that will go with your bike and price range. just make sure it’s a reputable bike shop 🙂

  • sir what is the difference between big rolers and the small one..which is the best?tnx

  • sir newbie lang po ako may makukuha po kaya ako na maganda na quality na mtb sa range na 5000 to 8000 tnx sir btw napaka informative ng site mo

    • hi, sa budget na 8k, posible ka makakakuha ka ng bike na ok na for long road rides and light trail. kailangan mo lang alagaan parati dahil generally mas madali mawala sa tono yung murang parts pag dinala mo sa trail. kung makakapag-ipon ka pa ng konti, mas ok kung nasa at least 12k siguro budget mo. pero kung yan lang talaga budget, ok na rin. ang maganda naman kasi sa bisikleta, ang engine mo ay ang katawan mo. kung mabigat ang bike mo, make your body lighter and stronger and you can beat riders who are on more expensive bikes 🙂 tingnan mo itong biker na ito. luma ang bike nya, at lolo pa sya, pero iniwan ako nito sa king of the mountain race last year sa timberland :p

  • Sir, pa check nman tong seller na to


    kung ok — yan lang kc LBS na malapit samin..

    Balak ko kunin na starting bike ung vision 1.5


    may nakita ako sa Pasay nman kaso ibang kulay pero parehas ng specs.


    …Parehas lang ba talaga sila at iba lang kulay? Mejo ok nman ung feedback sa sulit nun sa Pasay kaso ang layo. So gusto ko lang makasiguro kung ung kulay puti na Vision dun sa LBS d2 samin eh ok legit nman?

    • I can’t vouch for that online seller because i don’t know him/her. Pero that bike looks like a good deal. Vision is a good frame. My 26er is a vision at wala ako problema sa kanya. Mukang color lang ang pinagkaiba nito. But the only way to know for sure is to visit those bike shops yourself. Mas malalaman mo kung anong bike ang bagay sa yo pag nakita mo na ng harapan 🙂 in any case, those are very good deals for a bike. Pwede na rin pang trail yan.

      • I’m gonna visit the shop to buy it in person. Ung sa LBS samin sa fairview. My only worries are wala ako tropang biker so I wont be able to check if its a
        genuine part or not? Or wala nman gaanong peke cguro na bike parts dba sir? Based on the pictures mukang genuine nman un bike? For a difference of 700 pesos compared sa pasay eh dito na ko bibili sa local bike shop para ma tropa ko na rin un shop owner d2=) Hopefully I could build a good relationship just like you are with Glorious Ride.

        Sir Lastly sa ngaun balak ko lang talaga pang pasok to. Sawa na kasi ako magmotor. By motorcycle eh 15minutes un travel time ko to work. Napansin ko wala na ko exercise kasi pagdating sa bahay Im just so drained derecho tulog agad haha.

        Kung ok nman un price at sabi mo good deal na un Vision bike, I’ll go for it na and start living a healthy commute from home to work.

      • Pahabol..

        Pag Hydro brakes additional 2k un price. Need ko ba ng Hydro brakes sir?

        • wala pa naman ako nababalitaan na namemeke ng bike part. about the hydraulic brakes, mas ok yan kung magte-trail ka kasi mas madali pigain ang brakes pag mahabang downhill. di mapapagod mga kamay mo. pero kung mostly urban biking ka, ok din lang ang mechanical. good luck sa bike purchase bro 🙂

          • Tapos Spyder all the way sa outfit no.(Idol kita eh) Hahaha. sa backpack sir ano recommended mo? para dun ko lalagay office outfit ko =)

          • actually, wala ako preference sa backpack. i use a sideout adventure pack which i got real cheap from sandugo 5 years ago. matibay, pero medyo pero mabigat sya.

          • Thanks a lot sir. Kukuha sana ako ng mga 2nd hand sa individual sellers kaso, as sabi mo nga mas ok talaga kung sa LBS para kung may aberya sa bike eh madaling ibalik or ayusin.

            Napangiti ako sa Tips on Upgrading–bigla na lang ako napaisip what if ma hook nga ako hahaha.. Lagot ako kay misis sasabihin nun “lutuin mo yang bike mo”

          • hehe. hinay hinay lang sa upgrade bro. enjoy mo muna bike mo. pag nakakuha na ng bonus, tsaka magtabi ng pang-upgrade 😉 since bike to work ka rin, malaki matitipid mo sa pamasahe at gas

  • gud eve sir…..tnong lang po saan ako makaka kuha nang magandang discount sa quiapo ba sa pasay/cartimar or sa anonas GRB maganda ba mag bigay nang discount ang LBS na GBR sa anonas built bike ang target ko price range 14k to 18k??? nid your advice salamat po..

    • hi manuel, go to quiapo. bisitahin mo lahat ng bike shops dun. may makukuha ka within your price range. subukan mo rin bisitahin ang cartimar sa pasay. for 18k, makakakuha ka na ng magandang bike nyan

      • sir may nakita ako sa GRB anonas na GT bike yung isa 24,890 wit big discount natawag ako at nang pm sa discount about sa last price bzy po siguro dahil sa dmi nang customer everyday pero nakalagay sa fb nila big discount sa BW sa pasay naman yung GT 18,500 yung isa GT 16,000 pero madami choices sa GRB wla ako idea sa Quiapo pero ikutan ko din ano po ba maganda siguro ill fix may budjet na sa 17k upgrade na lang some parts after 6 to 8monts BUILT or ASSEMBOL na MTB??

        • get a built bike if you can find one that fits your budget 🙂 less hassle when figuring out parts. six months or 1 year later, alam mo na kung anong part gusto mo i-upgrade

  • Hi,

    I’m using a Deore Hydraulic break and wanted to know if its normal na uminit ung pads and breaks. I went to Thunderbird Binangonan and while driving downhill, napansin ko na umuusok ung rear break ko because I keep pressing my rear break to slow me down. Please advise.

    • Hi Paul, normal lang na uminit yung pads pag heavy braking. Di ko pa naman nararanasan na umusok yung hydraulic brakes ko sa wall or shotgun or sa antenna/thunderbird pero talagang matindi ang friction pag ganyan katindi ang downhill. One of my friends says it’s possible may dumi sa brakepads mo kaya umuusok to. Try to clean it with alcohol. Try distributing the braking duties too by feathering your front brakes, since the front has more braking power. Ingat nga lang dahil baka ma-endo ka 🙂

      • The moment na napansin kong umuusok na sya at naaamoy ko pa na parang nasusunog, nag stop ako agad at nagpahinga. Then I check the brake disk nag iba na ung color nya, naging bronze na sya :). Distributed naman ung break ko sa harap at likod. Will it cause damage sa breaks?

        • strange. kung 2013 – 2014 yung deore brake set mo dapat mas madali nga mag-cool down yan because of “ice tech.” i actually use lower end non-series shimano hydros, but never had problems with them even when i was downhilling like crazy sa bobok-bisal trail in benguet. humina ba ang braking power? maybe you should have a mechanic check that kung ayaw mawala ang pagka-bronze. ride safe bro

  • Hi,

    Just browsing through the net and found your website. This is a great help for me as I had concrete plan of obtaining a bike. Ask ko lang po what will be the best bike to buy, a road bike or mountain bike? Is it possible to have best features of both bikes, something like a hybrid bike? How much it will cost me? As a beginner, will this be feasible and alternative to running as exercise?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    • hi jeeger, biased ako sa mountain biking eh :p unless you want to get into road racing, an mtb is already the best of both worlds. it can do trails, and can also be ridden on roads–just not as fast as road bikes. about the cost, please review the article again.

      i run and i bike and enjoy both. but if you’re just starting out on getting fit, biking is a lot easier on the body. good luck with your bike hunt bro

  • thanks a lot for the info. now i can finally choose a bike that is durable and would fit my budget. nice site.

  • Sir patulong naman po kung alin po mas magandang Specs sa dalawa

    2013 Epic Mountain Bike
    Frame : Epic Alloy Frame
    Handlebar : Alloy
    Handle Grip : Infinity
    Stem : Alloy
    Seatpost : Alloy
    Seat Clamp : Warrior Quick Release Alloy
    Saddle : Infinity
    Fork : Infinity Preload
    Cranks : Alloy
    Pedals : Infinity
    Brake Levers : Shimano Rapidfire
    Front Derailleur : Shimano Sis
    Rear Derailleur : Shimano Sis Tourney
    Cassette : 8 Speed Freewheel
    Rims : Ride it Double Wall Alloy Rims
    Hubs : Bolt Type Alloy Hubs
    Tires : 26×1.95 Tires

    2014 vision werx 1.5
    – SIZE: 16, 18
    – 24 SPEED
    – TIRES: KENDA (26 x 1.95)

    salamat po

  • Sir outsideslacker kelan ka uli punta ng quiapo ..sabay ako para makabili ng mtb. Beginner lang same as the others so medyo alinlangan punta ng shop mag isa. Budget ko mga 20k .. gusto ko sana giant tapos deore groupset … kaya ba ng budget na yan? Pag nay bike na ko .. sama rin ako kung may balak ang blog na ito … 🙂 thanks and more power … really learned a lot in your article here …

    • hi mike. i won’t be going to quiapo anytime soon. may 2 good bike shops kasi na malapit sa akin which stock what i will be needing for my next project (a rigid 96er hybrid bike) kaya di na muna ako kailangang bumalik ng quiapo. but don’t worry. you should be able to get a good quality bike with your budget. yun nga lang, baka malabo na giant ang frame at deore ang groupset. kasi deore is already 10.5k – 12k

      sure, you’re welcome to join my next ride. i recently posted on my fb page that i was biking to daraitan. wala nga lang kumagat kasi medyo malayo ang distance na inilagay ko :p pero next time i’ll post a more newbie-friendly ride to maybe timberland or antenna.

      • I saw in the previous discussion na ryder with deore groupset 20k lang. In which store and where is the location kaya sila naka score? Willing to give up na yong giants basta deore groupset….
        Sige pag may newbie friendly ride ka .. let me know baka maka join ako … im from taytay rizal lang … 🙂 thanks again and more power …

        • hi mike. i doubt if there’s a bike shop that will give you a fully built bike with deore parts for 20k. aabot na kasi ng 12k yung deore groupset pa lang, wala pang frame, fork, etc. kung gusto, unti-untiin mo na lang bro. alivio will work just fine. it worked well for me for over 3 years over a lot of rough rides. spend the budget on a good saddle and a good fork instead–those things are much more important in terms of comfort and handling especially if you’re new to mtbiking.

          about the bike shops at the fort, i’m guessing mas mahal dyan kaysa quiapo or cartimar :p marami na ring bike shops that also offer installments depending on the credit card. glorious ride meron nun, so i think pati quiapo at cartimar meron din. check out this bike, baka swak sa budget mo.

          your first bike won’t be perfect since you’re working within a tight budget. my last bike was assembled at a budget of 14k 6 years ago. but that cheap bike got me to lots of new places.

  • Hingi lang po ng payo Sir mura na po ba yung 2nd hand Cannondale Trail5 29er Dec. 2013 binili ang presyo 17,500?

    Salamat Po

    • hi dave. check mo rin sa sulit, ayosdito, at sa canondale website mismo kung tama yung presyo at kung magkano yung na-discount sa 2nd-hand na yan. sorry, am kinda busy at the moment to look it up

  • sir gud eve were can i find a race face atlas crankset in LBS

  • Wow!. Very informative and the best of all is that you answer to a lot of queries here…

    I have a question, does the LSB and Quiapo/cartimars has really a big difference when it comes to pricing?

    I live near daang hari, im not sure if the price of the LSB store here is comparable with cartimar/quiapo store.

    • hi foucault (would that be michel or leon? :p) in my experience, when it comes to major items like frames, forks, groupsets, and wheels, there’s not much difference between the LBSs here in diliman and the bike stores in quiapo and cartimar. on small items like bags, water bottles, lights and accessories etc, the quiapo stores are a bit cheaper.

      i’m not sure about the bike shops in other areas though. if you’re looking for a certain bike part, check out your LBS then phone the quiapo and cartimar shops about their prices. the numbers are listed on their fb page and their staff usually reply to text and phone queries

  • Hi, outsideslacker, how about the price in Giants (greenhills) and Fox (highstreet the fort), how is their price comparable to quiapo? I was able to visit over the weekend sa fox and giant but not in quiapo or cartimar yet? Sa fox pwede sila installment kahit 6 months but not in giants. Although nagbibigay ng discount sa giants for cash buyer…. thanks once ahain ….

    • outsideslacker

      March 3, 2014 at 8:14 pm

      sa specs, parang pinaka ok yung canondale trail 5 29er. at least 9-speed na sya. di naman sila nagkakalayo sa specs pero i found it weird that the other bikes have 8-speed shifters and 9-speed derailleurs and cogs. i’m also partial to the canondale’s color scheme :p

  • thank sa info, sir.outsideslacker

    parang computer din pala, “the higher, the better”
    pasok napo siguro sa Height ko ang medium size aim 5,10 in height…. fisrt time ko kukuha nang mtb at gusto ko i-try yung 29er….

    buti nalang may ganitong site,

  • outsideslacker :

    hi sir, I’m into folding bikes and have been pedaling for a year now, still enjoying my ride with it, been to places riding it around Bulacan area, on roads, hills, and even on dirts. We, (my co-riders) were thinking of upgrading to MTB’s not that we no longer enjoy foldy’s, we just wanna try a new ride and trail maybe a good idea for a new experience since there’s a few local trails available here in Bulacan, STARBAKS perhaps to name one in San Rafael, Bulacan.

    As a newbie on MTB’s, w/c do you prefer investing my budget on, a 26’rs or a 29’rs? I’ve asked few riders and they often choose 26’rs , they say that 29’rs are more difficult to maneuver on trails and harder to ride on climbs as for the 26’rs, it easier to ride on. You’ve ridden both the 26 and the 29, W/c do you think suits me more since I’m new in MTB and will invest just one of the two (for now 😉 )

    Should i get the full suspension frame or the hard tail one? thanks in advance 🙂

    • outsideslacker

      March 4, 2014 at 11:51 pm

      hi conehead, i like my 29er because i find it easier to climb and descend on it. on steep climbs, your front wheel hardly ever goes off the ground because the bike is so long. the bigger wheels also smooth out small bumps on the trail. admittedly, it’s not as nimble on twisty technical trails, but that just means you need to level up your handling and choose your line more wisely. also, i’m a bit tall at 5 9′ so i’ve always felt that 26ers were a bit cramped. if you can’t decide which wheel size is better, there’s also the 27.5 wheel option to add to the confusion :p supposedly this new wheel size gives you the best of both worlds.

      fullsus frames are great for downhill riding over rough terrain. hardtails meanwhile are more efficient climbers. since i like the challenge of climbing, i ride hardtails. but i’m also thinking of getting a fullsus bike within the year. i kinda felt jealous of my buddies who were speeding down mt. balagbag while i kept calculating which line to take 🙂

      foldies have always interested me. i know a travel blogger who brings one on his travels. seems like a really good idea.

      • Sir, thank you for the quick response, it will truly make me more confuse than before 😀 adding 27.5 on the list of probable mtb to choose from :S

        Since your so generous of sharing your technical know how on mtb’s sir, i would like to take this opportunity to ask an additional query 🙂

        As you mentioned on your previous replies on other inquirers about buying a fully assembled bike from lbs that allows trade in parts for upgrade instead of building one parts by parts.

        If i were to do this, is it practical enough to trade the stock group-set from the fully assembled bike and upgrade it to a 10 speed mtb group-set, if so, do you have any idea how much a 10 speed group-set cost , let say a shimano deore m610 or a shimano deore m615?

        And lastly, would you even advise me to upgrade in the first place from a 8-9 speed group-set to a 10 speed group-set for i am worried i may not make it to the top of the hill w/ one cog short :S

        thank you so much again sir in advance 🙂

        • outsideslacker

          March 6, 2014 at 9:52 am

          hi conehead. i’m not sure how much the different shimano groupsets cost right now. but since a lot of people have been asking me about this, i guess i’ll have to do some research on it and update the blog entry. but since i’m preparing to go on vacation right now, this will have to wait until next week 🙂

          yes, if you’re a newbie, it’s better to have a groupset that you won’t need (or want) to upgrade for some time. and yes, it’s better to get a 10-speed groupset because it will make climbing a lot easier

          • good day sir :), its been ages for me to reply back. just got busy bike hunting 😉 and now i’m here to seek for your expertise ;).
            i’ve searched lots of bike website and lbs’s, brand-new and second hand. and so far, prices are a bit high, but one got my attention, hope you can help me decide if the bike is a grab or a pass.

            it’s a second hand 2013 cannondale trail sl 2 26er.


            frame : optimized 6061 alloy size 17 head tube diameter 1.5″, headset: tange custom 1.5″

            stem: cannondale c4, 1.5″ , 31.8mm, 7 degree

            fork: rockshox recon silver tk, solo air, lockout, rebound 1.5″ 100mm fork travel

            brakes: shimano non series hydro brake

            shifters: sram x5, 31.8mm clamp

            fd: sram x5, 31.8mm clamp

            rd: sram x5, 10 speed

            cranks: sram s800 3.1 chain rings 44/33/21 tooth

            bottom bracket: sram powerspline w/ alloy cups

            pedals: shimano saints

            chain: kmc x10

            cassette: sram pg 1030, 11-36 tooth, 10 speed

            rims: maddux dc3.0 double wall w/ eyelet, 28 hole front, 32 holde rear

            hubs: formula dc20 front, dc22 rear

            spokes: stainless steel, 15g black

            tires: schwalbe rapid rob 26″x2.1

            saddle: cannondale stage 3

            seatpost: 27.2 mm

            BIKE CONDITION: 8/10

            ******** got few issues: a bit of minor scratches and chain slap on the frame- minimal

            and got broken bolt on rear shifter, and some rust on some bolts.,,,

            asking price: 20k

            is it a grab or a pass , thank you in advance sir, this will surely help me a lot to decide 😉

          • outsideslacker

            July 24, 2014 at 2:31 pm

            sounds like a good deal na ito. sram x5 is equivalent to deore. i am not sure though if the broken bolt on the rear shifter will be an issue. subukan mo muna sakyan. pero ok na to

          • good day sir, i’d like to thank you for your quick and positive response. it truly helped me a lot.

            i have sealed the deal and took this rare opportunity. it was a win – win for both of us buyer/seller, i getting a good buy, and him needing to liquidate some of his beloved assets 😉

            it will be a new adventure for me riding my newly acquired happiness 🙂

            more power to you sir and your blog 🙂

            i’ll be waiting for your future articles. 🙂

            kudos!!!!! outside slacker 😉

          • outsideslacker

            July 25, 2014 at 5:58 pm

            have fun with your new bike 🙂

  • Good Day po sir, hingi lang po sana ulet ako nang advice kung kayo po ang nasa status ko as a beginner sa MTB, san po kayo mag pofocus sa better Groupset or Better Frame, which would you choose?

    *Cheap Frame + Deore G.Set…. then upgrade the frame later pag nasira like (Giant or Specialized)


    *Expensive Frame (Giant or Specialized) + Cheap Groupset then upgrade the G-Set Later to Geore pag nasira salamat po sir

    • outsideslacker

      March 6, 2014 at 10:00 am

      hi spence, most of the new bike frames coming out right now are of very high quality. even so-called generic brands from taiwan like vision and venzo etc are extremely tough and durable and can hold their own against the entry level cannondales, specializeds and giants, which are also made in china btw. so in my opinion, for entry level bike frames, you’re just paying for the bragging rights to the brand. i’d just buy a cheap frame and put deore on it. mas mararamdaman mo pa ang kaibahan pag nasa trail ka na.

  • francis del rosario

    March 7, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    Your blog is great especially for a newbie like me… i wanted to try this sport… and i’m a newbie in everything… came across this post in sulit… but as you’ve said it would be better to check out the LBS. But I don’t know any LBS near my area (San Juan) and don’t have a friend yet who is interested in this sport. So I was hoping to purchase it online to make it cheaper i guess… here’s the specs:

    Super 26 Voyager Mountain Bike

    Specifications :

    Frame : Voyager Super 26 Alloy Frame
    Handlebar : Voyager Handle Bar
    Handle Grip : Peanut
    Stem : Alloy
    Seatpost : Alloy
    Seat Clamp : Alloy
    Saddle : Avp
    Fork : Dura Warrior Fork
    Cranks : Ordinary
    Cogs : 7 Speed
    Chain : Heavy Duty
    Pedals : Plastic Pedals
    Brakes : Mechanical Dual Disc
    Front Derailleur : SIS Index
    Rear Derailleur : Shimano Tx
    Brake Lever/ Shifter : 3 & 7 speed Shimano
    Rims : Rideit Double Wall Alloy Rims
    Hubs : Alloy Hubs
    Tires : Excel Tires
    Price: 6.5K

    What do you think?

    • outsideslacker

      March 12, 2014 at 9:32 am

      Hi francis, i think that’s an ok deal. That bike will be a bit heavy and it might not be the best one for the trails, but it’s a good starter bike. If you have a higher budget though, i would also suggest you get something better, a bike that will not need upgrading for a year or so.

      • francis del rosario

        April 1, 2014 at 9:15 pm

        ito kaya boss pwede na kaya ito?

        Frame 26″ Aluminum Full Suspension Size 17 medium
        Fork 26 MTB Steel painted finish with shock
        Head set Threadless / A head Stem
        Wheels :Tire 26 x 1.95
        Tube 26 x 1.95
        Rim Double wall Aluminum
        Spokes 14G x 262mm
        Hub Alloy 14G x 36 Holes
        Shifters Shimano Rapidfire 7 Speed
        Front Derailleur- Shimano 31.8mm; Top pull
        Rear Derailleur Shimano RDTZ
        Sprocket Shimano MFTZ20 7 Speed Standard Treaded
        Bottom bracket Cotterless Axle
        Chain Wheel Semi Alloy 3/32 x 24/34/42T x 200mm; with cover
        Chain TEC 1/2 x 3/32
        Pedals Plastic; Bearing type
        Saddle 180mm x 260mm; Black
        Seat Clamp Alloy Standard 31.8mm
        Seat Post 27.2mm x 250mm; ed
        Handlebars 25.4mm x 580mm; Alloy; Downhill
        Stem 22.2mm x 90mm
        Brakeset Mechanical Dual Disc Brake Alloy

        • outsideslacker

          April 1, 2014 at 10:27 pm

          looks like the specs of an entry level bike. sana suntour xcr o xcm man lang ang fork. mura lang benta sa yo?

          • francis del rosario

            April 1, 2014 at 10:30 pm

            8.7k boss… entry level lang naman talaga ang gusto ko.. kase try ko lang naman kung maeenjoy ko ung sport eh… unless you can suggest a bike na with the same price range na pwede cguro sakin boss.. 5’10 pla height ko… i know it will make a difference din ata… medyo noob talaga sa mga ganto…

          • outsideslacker

            April 1, 2014 at 10:47 pm

            ok naman sya for an entry level bike. but if you’re 5’10 the frame size may be a bit small for you. baka kailangan mo ng mas mahabang stem na 100 or 120mm.
            kung sa road mo lang gagamitin ang bike, ok na rin yung tires nito. pero for the trail, medyo narrow sya. baka mahirapan ka sa maneuvering. mas ok siguro kung size 2.1 yung tires.
            save some money for a helmet bro 🙂

          • francis del rosario

            April 1, 2014 at 10:54 pm

            anung stem boss? un ba ung frame size? hehe well primary sana gagamitin ko like road bike din… pero might as well try ko din siguro ung trail kung pwede…

            ung sa tires na sinabe mo na 2.1 need pa ba magupgrade ng fork pa nun? or sakto na un?

            sensya na tlaga boss mdame tanong pero salamat at nakakatulong ung mga sinasabe mo skin…

          • outsideslacker

            April 1, 2014 at 11:00 pm

            pls check the bike parts diagram dun sa blog post. di na kailangan palitan ang fork kung papalitan mo tires

          • francis del rosario

            April 1, 2014 at 11:02 pm

            hehe salamat boss… sige baka pwede na siguro sa akin ito… salamt ulit sa payo…

          • outsideslacker

            April 1, 2014 at 11:43 pm

            sana magustuhan mo rin mountain biking 🙂

          • francis del rosario

            April 14, 2014 at 11:29 pm

            boss i took into consideration ung sa height ko since sabe mo kase parang medyo short ung isang bike na pinacheck ko saiyo… ito boss may nagoffer sakin for 17.9k ano kaya tingin mo dito boss?

            trek caliber 4

            Trek Black/True Blue

            Viper Red/Trek Black


            Alpha Gold Aluminium w/semi-integrated head tube, mechanically formed & butted tubing, race geometry, internal front derailleur routing, G2 Geometry

            Front suspension

            SR Suntour M-3030 w/coil spring, preload, 75mm travel



            Formula DC20 alloy front hub; Formula DC22 alloy rear hub w/Bontrager AT-550 36-hole rims


            Bontrager XR1, 29×2.20″ front, 29×2.0″ rear


            Shimano Altus EF51, 8 speed

            Front derailleur

            Shimano Altus

            Rear derailleur

            Shimano Altus M280


            Shimano M131, 42/34/24


            Shimano HG31 11-34, 8 speed


            Wellgo nylon platform


            Bontrager Evoke 1


            Bontrager SSR, 27.2mm, 12mm offset


            Bontrager low-riser, 25.4mm, 15mm rise


            Bontrager Approved, 25.4mm, 15 degree


            1-1/8″ threadless, semi-integrated, semi-cartridge bearings


            HL 280 mechanical disc brakes w/Shimano Altus levers

          • outsideslacker

            April 15, 2014 at 9:25 am

            for that price, pwede ka ng makakuha ng bike na may hydraulic brakes at 9-speed cassette. tawaran mo pa or hanap ka pa ng iba kung di ka pa naiinip 🙂

  • Sir,

    Ask ko lang kung may extra seat kayo para sa kids. Balak ko kasi bumili mountain bike na pwede front mount with foot rest.


    • outsideslacker

      March 12, 2014 at 9:33 am

      Hi rene, outsideslacker is not a bike shop 🙂 please ask glorious ride or any of the bike shops mentioned here. Cheers!

  • ok Sir,

    Many thanks

  • Hello Pappy! I’ve read your blog. Sobrang thank you sa mga informative suggestions and tips about sa mga bikes. I’m a newbie in biking. Any suggestions if I’m going to buy a bike na pasok sa budget na 8k-10k? I’m from Pasig but I’m always there in Quiapo. And I know the bike shop that you are mentioning. And I want to take a bike nalang kung pupunta ako dun. Alam mo naman ang Quiapo place na maraming dorobo. hehehe. Kaya parang urban setting sana yung bike na gagawin ko… Yung kayang pumunta halos araw araw dun. Try ko muna kasing mag-experiment kung anong tamang bike para saken. And dun ako mag-decide if ever I’m going to buy a high end one, kung medyo marunong na ako sa mga parts. By the way, sobrang nahikayat kasi ako sa mga tips mo that’s why I want to own my first bike pero yung pasok sa budget sana. Any tips?.. 🙂

    • outsideslacker

      March 13, 2014 at 8:39 am

      Hi burgitz, kung urban commuter bike ang habol mo, maraming bikes sa quiapo na swak sa 10k budget. You can make do with entry level parts na mura lang. No need for an expensive fork and parts. Change the tires to slick street tires para magaang pidalin. Bili ka rin ng matibay na kadena at lock 🙂

      • Thanks Pappy for prompt reply. If ever I’m going to buy this second hand MTB. Okay kaya po to for 13,000?

        – Shimano.acera group.set
        Hub, front and rear derealur, crank set, hydraulic disc brake, 9 speed
        – Xcr fork
        – Venzo.sit saddle
        – Atomic rim
        – Group set.atomic.handlebar,handle push, sit post
        – Exeltuspedal
        – Maxxis tire 98%

        3 months palang daw sa kanya. Gusto ko din kasi ung nakakapanik yung bike gaya ng Antipolo.

        • outsideslacker

          March 14, 2014 at 8:38 pm

          ok na to for a bike with an acera groupset na hydraulic. but is it the right size for you?

  • Hi sir, i would like to buy my first MTB, i actually called King bike at quaipo and they gave me package that will suit my budget.

    Ryder brand 29er with Deore set – 21k


    Ryder brand but frame will be switched to Giant w/ Deore set( gusto ko po kasi sana Giant brand w/ Deore set) 27.5er – 26k

    any comments and sugestions po sir?

    thank you po!

    • outsideslacker

      March 14, 2014 at 2:38 pm

      bro, kung talagang isinisigaw ng puso mo ay giant, go ahead and buy that bike. that’s a good deal for a bike with deore. what’s the fork though? sana epicon na rin, although baka medyo wishful thinking na yun :p

      • hmm regarding the fork i think its not epicon e, pero suntour din daw yun mas mahal daw kasi epicon since air na cya.

        actually yung giant na ilalagay na frame ay old model din 2010 or 2011 ata kasi mahal daw yung mga new model.

        medyo malaki din yung 5k price diff if mag ryder nlng ako yun nga lng bawas pogi points, pero sai naman ng mga tindera dun ok naman daw yung components ko kasi naka Deore set na ko..

        what do you think sir? thank you po!

        • outsideslacker

          March 14, 2014 at 8:32 pm

          i think ok na deal na yung ryder. iipunin ko na lang yung extrang pera para sa ibang upgrades like a better fork, better tires and maybe a dropper seatpost 🙂 try mo kung pwede ka pang bigyan ng discount

  • hi sir, already bought a MTB yesterday. Cycle Art gave me a good deal on my Giant Talon 3. they gave me free bottle and bottle holder. What i want now is a Suntour Epicon fork. Can you suggest stores which i can trade my stock suntour xcm fork then i will add for the epicon 27.5 fork? thanks sir!

    • outsideslacker

      March 22, 2014 at 2:13 pm

      hi bernard, your best bet is to simply sell your xcm fork online. i’m not sure if other bike shops are willing to swap your xcm fork for an epicon even with some extra cash. glorious ride bikeshop allows customers who buy built bikes from them to swap some components for higher end parts, but i don’t think they’ll buy your xcm fork.

      ok lang naman xcm bro. medyo mabigat nga lang ng konti at di kasing responsive ng epicon. ipon ka na lang muna until you can upgrade. enjoy your bike for the meantime 🙂

      • Big problem sir! Medium size 18 yung nabigay sakin and im only 5’8-5’9 , dapat 17 lang yung frame size ko kasi medyo ntataasan ako sa 18 kaso mukang bawal na daw papalitan (kahit d ko pa ngamit yun bike nka balot pa nga and nandun pa yung tag ng Giant). Ano po kaya suggestion/opinion nyo regarding this matter? I’m really dissapointed and want to quit biking nlng. tnx po!

        • you can lower the seatpost to a height that’s more comfortable for you. you can also adjust the seat and move it further forward para mas abot mo yung handlebarbar. you can also get a shorter handlebar stem. i’m 5 9′ and my 29er frame is 18, it’s not a big issue with me.

          maybe you can ask the bike shop to at least switch the stem to a shorter one

          • hi sir thanks! i think ill just change my seatpost because i cant afford to cut the Giant seatpost.

          • outsideslacker

            March 23, 2014 at 9:08 am

            you don’t need to cut it bro, just loosen the seatpost clamp and lower it.

  • problem sir is sagad na yun seat post hehe.

  • Hi

    I’m a mountain bike noob. Just started biking last year. My entry level bike is a GT avalanche 26er with a small frame. I have no idea nung binili ko siya kasi pinabili ko lang. I’m about 5’10 and I was wondering if I could upgrade to a 29er or just change my frame to a larger one (L or XL). Hindi naman ako nahihirapan mag bike pero nakakahiya pag pinapansin na maliit yung frame ng bike ko hehe at gusto ko din ma-try yung mas malaking bike thanks

    • outsideslacker

      March 26, 2014 at 6:57 am

      if you have the budget, mas ok if you get a new 29er built-bike. you could also assemble a 29er using parts from your 26er, bibili ka nga lang ng frame, wheels at fork. masarap gamitin ang 29er sa mga epic whole day rides 🙂

  • Hi sir outsideslacker,

    This is the most comprehensive guide that made me understand a lot. A friend advise me to get a cannondale trail6 i have a 15k to 20k budget i’m 5’10 200lbs. Is this model the best for me? I can come up with more budget if another model is worthy. Thanks sir!

    • outsideslacker

      March 27, 2014 at 2:59 pm

      the cannondale trail 6 looks like a great entry level bike. but i’d swap the fork for an epicon. also, if you’re 5 10′ (you’re a big dude man!) maybe you should get a trail 6 29er.

  • I had been planning to buy an MTB since last year and started googling about it early this year. Saw this blog of yours and I must say this really made me decide to get one.

    I purchased a Cannondale Trail 5 26er from Hope Cycles last February and have been biking in UP and in our village (in Antipolo) most of the time.

    Can you please post a beginners / newbies suggested trail that we can follow. UP is a little boring already.

    Thanks very much and keep up the good work. Mabuhay ka!

  • Great write up thanks! I’m planning to buy my very first bike (I know how to ride one but this will be my first purchase) soon. I live about 30 minutes from Sikatuna Do you have the exact address for the Glorious Ride Bikeshop? Thanks!

    • outsideslacker

      April 4, 2014 at 8:48 am

      here you go 🙂 if the owner is there (ask for carlo) tell him you read about the shop from outsideslacker. he may give you a discount

      88 Anonas St. Barangay East Kamias, 1102 Quezon City, Philippines
      4346426; 09286328857- calls only

  • which has cheaper bikes for newbie? cartimar or quiapo

    • outsideslacker

      April 6, 2014 at 7:20 pm

      di sila nagkakalayo sa presyo. some local bike shops also offer cheap quality bikes. it depends on your skills at bargaining 🙂

  • Hi sir outsideslacker, my bike will be used here in Makati, but I also want to try long rides. I’m 5’11 about 165lbs. I budgeted 15-20k for a MTB and made up my mind for a 29er but road bike type bothers me now. Can you give a comparison for a road vs mtb type? What are the trade-offs?Will the speed of Road bikes is significant enough to outperform a MTB on the road? I think I want a configuration of 65% MTB and 35% Road bike.

    • outsideslacker

      April 7, 2014 at 4:35 pm

      road bikes are definitely faster, but you can’t really ride them over rough roads. trails are out of the question, unless you change the tires to cyclocross tires. an mtb can be used on the road and on the trail, it will just be slower on the road. a roadie will be able to cruise at 30kph on pavement, an mtb meanwhile can cruise around 22kph if speed is what you want, get a road bike. but if you want to explore trails and mountains, and get your feet wet in streams, an mtb is the way to go 🙂 hope this biased opinion helps :p

  • I got a deal for this Merida Big Nine TFS 500 @ 33.9K.

    Highlight of Specs:
    Hydraulic Brakes
    Deore Groupset
    RockShox Fork

    Frame Name Big.Nine TFS-D
    Fork Rock Shox XC30TK29 100
    Derailleur Front Shimano Deore H35 triple
    Derailleur Rear Shimano Deore XT Shadow
    Shifter Front Shimano Deore
    Shifter Rear Shimano Deore
    Brake Lever attached
    Brake Front Shimano M445 180 mm Cen
    Brake Rear Shimano M445 160 mm Cen
    Chainwheel Shimano M522 Octa 42-32-24
    Chainguard no
    Bbset Shimano Octalink
    Chain KMC X10 10s
    Hub Front Shimano M435 Cen
    Hub Rear Shimano M435 Cen
    Rim Merida Big.Nine Comp D
    Freewheel Shimano CS-HG-10 11-36
    Tires Merida Race Lite 29er 2.1 fold / Merida Race Lite 29er 2.1 fold
    Spokes black stainless
    Handlebar Stem Merida NC OS 7°
    Handlebar Merida Comp OS 680 Flat
    Headset EGG Steel
    Seat Post Merida Comp SB12 27.2 mm
    Saddle Merida Pro SI
    Pedal XC Alloy
    Weight 12.80 kg

    I’m a bit hesitant with the design, but this seems to be bang for buck already with all the components.

    NOTE: But I’m also comparing this with Trek’s X-Caliber 8 priced @ P33,900.

    Alpha Gold Aluminium w/semi-integrated head tube, mechanically formed & butted tubing, race geometry, internal front derailleur routing, G2 Geometry

    Front suspension
    RockShox XC32 w/coil spring, TurnKey lockout, custom G2 Geometry w/51mm offset, 100mm travel (14.5″: 80mm travel)

    Shimano RM66 center lock alloy hubs w/Bontrager AT-850 32-hole double-walled rims

    Bontrager XR1 29×2.20″ front, 29×2.0″ rear

    SRAM X5, 9 speed

    Front derailleur
    SRAM X5

    Rear derailleur
    SRAM X7

    SRAM S800, 44/32/22

    Shimano HG20 11-34, 9 speed

    Wellgo nylon platform Components

    Bontrager Evoke 1.5

    Bontrager SSR, 27.2mm 12mm offset

    Bontrager low-riser, 31.8mm, 15mm rise

    Bontrager Race Lite, 31.8mm, 7 degree

    1-1/8″ threadless, semi-integrated, semi-cartridge bearings

    Shimano M395 hydraulic disc brakes

    I’m really undecided now.. haha. My kind of ride would be once a week I’ll be on the road From Manila to Makati and back, and sometimes I’ll take rides with some of my officemates on weekends at La Mesa.

    • outsideslacker

      April 7, 2014 at 7:38 pm

      they say the worst dilemma isn’t choosing between two evils, but between two things that are equally good. i feel your excruciating suffering in making this choice bro 🙂
      maybe you should just look at the bikes and decide which looks better on you

  • Good day Sir, ask ko lang kung alin sa dalawa mas ok, GT Karakoram Elite29er 2014 Frame: 29″ Hydroformed and Butted Speed Metal Aluminum (TT/DT) Frame, w/Triple Triangle , Replaceable Derailleur Hanger, Disc Brake Mounts, and Zerostack 1 1/8″ Head Tube Fork: Rock Shox XC28 TK Mg w/100mm Travel, 29″, Hydraulically Damped, Magnesium Lowers, 28mm Chrome Steel Uppers, Forged Crown, Post Mount Disc Brake, Turn Key Lock Out, Rebound Adjust, QR Chain: KMC X9

    Crank: Shimano Alivio FC-M430, 44/32/22T

    Bottom Bracket: Tange Sealed

    Pedals: GT Slim Line Flat Pedal, Cast Alloy

    Rear Derailleur: Shimano Deore XT Shadow, RD-M772-SGS

    Shifters: Shimano Alivio, SL-M430, Rapid Fire

    Cog Set: Shimano CS-HG30-9, 11-34T, 9-Speed

    Rims: Jalco XCD22, Double Wall, 32H

    Tires: (F) Continental Race King 29″ x 2.2″, (R) Continental Race King 29″ x 2.0″

    Hubs: (F) All Terra Alloy Disc, w/Quick Release, (R) All Terra Alloy Cassette Disc,
    w/Quick Release

    Spokes: 14G Stainless

    Nipples: Brass

    Brake: Avid DB1, Hydraulic Disc, w/160mm Rotor

    Brake Levers: Avid DB1 Hydraulic
    Handlebar: Kore XCD-R2, 6061 Aluminum, 13mm Rise, 710mm Width

    Stem: All Terra 1 1/8″ Threadless, 3D Forged, 4-Bolt w/CNC Face Plate, 5-deg or this Cannondale bike Trail 4 29er Trail 29, double-butted 6061 Alloy, SAVE, 1-1/8 head tube

    SR Suntour XCR-RL-29, 100mm, remote lockout, 1-1/8″

    Shimano M391, Octalink, 44/32/22
    Bottom Bracket

    Shimano BB-ES25, Octalink

    Shimano Alivio
    Cog Set

    Shimano HG20, 11-34, 9-speed

    Shimano HG53, 9-speed
    Front Derailleur

    Shimano Alivio, 31.8 clamp
    Rear Derailleur

    Shimano Alivio

    Alex DC 4.0, double wall, 32-hole Hubs

    Cannondale C4 Disc

    WTB NineLine, 29×2.0″

    Cannondale Platform

    Cannondale Helix 6 hydraulic disc, 180/160mm

    Cannondale C4, 6061 alloy, 20mm rise, 680mm

    Cannondale C4, 31.8, 7 deg.

    Tange Si
    Brake Levers

    Cannondale Helix 6

    Stainless Steel, 15g Black
    Sir any input will be appreciated… By the way this is gonne be my 1st mountain bike. yan lang kasi pasok sa budget ko. .

    • Sorry Sir parang magulo ata pag kaka paste ko, just to make it short, GT karakoram elite 29er or Cannondale Trail 4 29er,. Thank you Sir.

      • outsideslacker

        April 9, 2014 at 8:50 pm

        medyo nalito rin ako sa post mo, pero pick the bike with the deore xt rear derailleur, and the rock shox fork 🙂

        • Sir salamat sa reply,, that was gt karakoram elite, with deore xt rear derailleur, and rock shox fork. It cost 27500k sa sulit, siguro may bawas pa pag cash, I will try to go to Glorious bike first,, isa na lang sir, is it a good bike for that price? Many thanks Sir, mabuhay kayo.

          • outsideslacker

            April 11, 2014 at 5:54 pm

            ok na bike na yan for that price. mahal ang xt derailleur. the xc28’s stanchions seem a bit small for a 29er pero ok pa rin naman. check mo na lang kung pwede palitan ng epicon na 32mm para mas maganda performance sa trails

          • Thank’s for advice. Ask ko na lang ang shop kung pwede i swap ang stock na fork to epicon even I have to add a bit. Maraming salamat uli Sir…

          • outsideslacker

            April 12, 2014 at 7:07 pm

            glorious ride bikeshop allows this. i am not sure if other bike shops will allow you to swap a component from a built bike for a higher end component. best ask them and plead your case 🙂

  • Hi, I have 15-20k budget, Im 5’11 about 165 lbs. I go window shopping at Sports Avenue, Comembo, Makati and I saw a very gorgeous 29er display about 24k with shimanu altus set. I wonder if I go for assembled one and I wonder if It could be cheaper for me. I would like to ask if what are the parts that I should consider first. I want to go first with performance.

    • outsideslacker

      April 10, 2014 at 2:31 pm

      24k is a bit expensive for a bike with altus parts. you could already get something with at least acera parts for that price.
      your choice of a 29er is good for you height. for a mountainbike, a good suspension fork is a must. suntour xct or xcr should be ok for that price range.
      if you have a higher budget, consider getting an epicon fork

  • Sir tanong ko lang po. Magkano po ba yung shimano alivio na groupset? Saka anu anu pong mga parts ang nasa groupset?
    Balak ko po kasi mag assemble, kaya lang wala akong idea kung magkano iipunin ko.
    Balak ko po yung Veloce n frame.Ok na po ba yun?
    Saka magkano po ba yung hydraullic na fork.
    Pasensya na po sa maraming tanong.
    Maraming salamat po.

    • outsideslacker

      April 25, 2014 at 2:55 pm

      hi rex, di na ako sure kung magkano alivio groupset ngayon. best ask king’s bicyclse store 0920 526 6986, or all terra (02) 570 6618, glorious ride 0928 6328857 for a more updated price list. an air-oil fork will cost 8k upwards last time i checked.

  • Hi! I bought my Viper 26er MTB in Quiapo last December, 2013. I have been biking ever since. However, my knees begin to hurt and I find myself having a hard time biking. I changed the seatpost to a longer one. My height is 5’10”. Is the bike adequate for me? Also, my butt and balls hurt while biking, that’s why I placed a cheap gel seat cover. Is that enough?

  • Hi sir!

    Just realized that there is much to learn about mountain bikes. I live near the heart center and plannig to purchase my first mountain bike. My budget is at 24k. I plan to ride it on trails. Can you help out? Thanks! I’m 5’7″. Godspeed!

    • outsideslacker

      April 30, 2014 at 7:19 pm

      hi joeseth. visit any of the 3 bikeshops near your place. there’s 43bikes on malingap st, there’s hope cycles inside the allied bank building on matalino street, and there’s glorious ride bikeshop on anonas extension. see if there’s a bike there you like, then ask the bike shop staff if they have one that will fit your budget. get one with a good budget fork like epicon 🙂

  • Sir starter here, what do you think about this:
    2014 SGM Soul Alloy Mountain Bike Alivio Groupset
    All original
    Medium Size (17″ Frame)
    Shimano Alivio Groupset (HYDRAULIC BRAKES SERIES)
    RST Mountain Series Alloy Fork 100mm w/ LOCKOUT
    Joytech Alloy Hubs / SGM Saddle
    SGM 26″ Double Wall Alloy Rims
    CST 26″X2.1″ Tires
    Oversized Zoom Alloy Handle Bar & Post

  • Good afternoon! Great work with helping newbie bikers! What’s your take on the Cannondale Bad Boy series. I’m planning to buy a bad boy 9. Here’s the specs

    Thanks in advance!

    • outsideslacker

      May 4, 2014 at 8:33 pm

      that is a very nice looking bike. put some knobby tires on them and they can do basic trails. not exactly a mountain bike but it can get you places

  • hi, i’m a newbie and i do not know anything about mountain bikes. i just want to buy one i can use around the metro going to work from home. any recommendations? i live in binondo and i have been to the stores at quiapo. i don’t know how to canvass since i do not know the specs they’re giving me. my budget is arnd 10-20k. i want to buy one na matibay and ndi madaling masira.. hope you can help. thanks.

    • outsideslacker

      May 6, 2014 at 11:39 am

      hi syoti, you can get a pretty decent bike for that 20k budget. if you’re gonna use it for commuting best get something with slick tires so it’s easier to use on pavement. get something with a 9-speed acera groupset, which is a quality groupset for that price range. cheap but good quality frames are vision, venzo, and sgm. sometimes you can also stumble upon a name-brand built bike in quiapo like cannondale or specialized that’s within that price range. if you live in binondo, you might also want to try visiting mars kingdom cycles there. they look like they have a great variety of bikes there, including folding bikes. https://www.facebook.com/MARSKINGDOMBIKES
      if bike commuting is really what you want to do, folding bikes are great. this one looks like a real beauty and its right within your budget —> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=768418036501616&set=a.157966880880071.33393.127528320590594&type=3&theater

      • hi, finally got a mtb! thanks to your advices. i had one custom made with the help and guidance of the staff where i bought my bike. it exceeded a little bit from my intendēd budget dahil mgaling ksi mgsales talk para dw ndi ako upgrade ng upgrade.. sana ndi ko pagsisihan ito.. hehe. now i can ride to work and leisure. biking seems a bit complicated these days. i used to ride a bike when i was a kid single speed lng. ngyon may 10 speed na! complicated mgshift ng gears. question, if i stay on one shift always, ndi nman masisra un ibang gears ryt? and mdyo OT, if i ride this to malls, where can i park this kaya na ndi mawala? thanks again and more power!

        • outsideslacker

          May 17, 2014 at 11:56 pm

          most people keep it on just one gear when riding in an urban environment without too many steep roads. but best learn how to shift gears. if you encounter a hill, you’ll appreciate having all those different gears. most malls already have bike parking, usually near the motorcycle parking area. always bring a bike chain and lock though. bring two locks just to be safe. enjoy your new toy 🙂

  • francis del rosario

    May 6, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    boss finally got a new bike and wanted to know the accessories that i need to have when biking during the night… im going to use my bike from taguig to san juan and i was hoping to be safe as well since night ride… i want sana ung light na parang HID ung bato sa ilaw… para man lang safe tlaga… any recommendations?

  • Hi Bro!

    I just want to be enlightened. I’m really a huge fan of cruiser bikes, I just want to know kung pwede ba siya for road trips with little uphills such as manila to bulacan or anything close to that?

    What are your recommendations na dapat iupgrade sa cruiser bike if ever. Thanks! 🙂

    • outsideslacker

      May 9, 2014 at 5:31 pm

      hi, cruisers are easily the most stylish of urban bikes 🙂 astig sila tingnan sa mga critical mass rides like the tour of the fireflies. medyo mabigat nga lang sila.
      i guess the easiest upgrade for a cruiser to make it ready for short climbs is to put a derailleur on it. medyo masisira ang classic na porma ng cruiser but it will make pedaling the uphills easier. not sure though how to fit a derailleur on a cruiser since most cruisers don’t have hangers.
      but there are commuter bikes which use shifters and internally geared hubs which may be fitted onto cruisers, and this option at least preserves the distinct cruiser look

      • Thanks for your reply! anyway, that’s the main reason why I like the cruisers, the classic look. I guess what you said were true since I really had a hard time going uphills.

        Btw, I heard there are guidelines regarding on what bikes you should get depending on your height etc. Are these things also applicable when it comes to cruiser bikes? If so, how can these be applicable to cruisers?

        Thank you! sorry madami tanong, Im just new lang kasi sa biking.

        • outsideslacker

          May 12, 2014 at 9:34 am

          there is a system for checking the optimal size of a road bike or mountainbike relative to the height and limb length of the rider since these disciplines require you to be at top form for several hours. but i’m not really sure if they apply to cruisers, which are after all, made for cruisin 🙂 you won’t ever see a road bike with ape hanger handlebars (butterfly?) drum brakes nor classic chrome fenders, because these are considered inefficient but these are all cool on cruisers since they were meant to be ridden around the neighborhood in style

          while cruisers are no longer used for long trips, i remember as a kid when all i had was a cruiser and i would ride it almost all the way to the next town (angono from binangonan)

  • Wow thank you! I learned a lot, maybe I’ll just settle with internal geared hubs and adjust the bike in a way I’ll be comfortable the most eventhough it might be inefficient as you say it bec of the fenders and alike. Anyway I won’t use it for long trips naman always. Thank you for accommodating my questions!

  • Good evening. I am planning to buy a road bike for my driver. My budget is around 6-7k. Any suggestions which brand and which shops??? TIA!

    • outsideslacker

      May 15, 2014 at 10:06 am

      hi anthony, if it’s going to be used to commute, any of the mountain bikes sold at that price level will do just fine 🙂 try some of the smaller shops in quiapo

  • Hi sir!

    Any experience converting a cheap (P2500) mtb to a single speed?
    My budget is tight right now so I want to convert my mtb to single speed to cut down weight.
    It’s too heavy…

  • Hi Sir,

    Planning to buy a MTB, do you have any recommendation where I can buy near Las Pinas Area?

    • outsideslacker

      May 21, 2014 at 9:04 pm

      hi, sorry i’m not familiar with the las pinasarea, or the whole south for that matter :p gran trail cycles in alabang hasa pretty solid reputation. i don’t know how close they are to your area though. cartimar pasay has excellent bike shops

  • Hi sir, very informative and entertaining posts/articles! Just like most of your readers, I’m a noob and is about to buy my first MTB this month. I’v already checked out bike shops in quiapo and LBS in ortigas/san juan area. also, i have a budget of around 20k and was hoping to get an entry-level hardtail bike. My friend advised me that with my budget, it is better to get a branded one, built bike, like the Giant Revel, with entry level parts like shimano acera shifters/ derailleurs, tektro hydro brakes, sr suntour fork and just upgrade later on.. however, after going through your article, im now torn between going branded or just assemble a bike with a cheaper frame and maybe get a higher specd shimano shifter/derailleurs, maybe even a 2nd hand epicon fork.. Your advise sir? Thank you very much in advance!

    • outsideslacker

      May 29, 2014 at 10:02 am

      it depends on your budget. an assembled bike with a vision frame and deore groupset may still cost 25k upwards. the deore groupset is worth 11k already. second hand epicon forks are a bit hard to find. but a brand new one costs 8.5-12k. if you want to start riding asap, buying a built bike is the best option. if you can wait around and save up, get something assembled 🙂

      • Hi sir! Thank you very much for your reply. Anyway, just wanted to share and give an update. Finally, I was able to buy my first MTB last sat. It was a fully built branded bike, Giant Revel 0 29er. notable specs. Deore RD, 3×9 (27speed) Acera shifters/ FD/ Crankset, XCM Fork, Tektro Hydro brakes. for 22.5k bought at quiapo. very happy and excited with it! sana po makasabay ko kayo minsan kahit begginer pa lang ako. 🙂 more power!

        • outsideslacker

          June 2, 2014 at 6:31 pm

          That’s a great bike bro. Very good deal din. 🙂 Sige one of these days bike tayo sa UP trail

  • Hi sir, I’m a newbie rider, I bought my first bike for 1.5k. Can you give me a roadmap to upgrade my bike to mid level MTB? Im willing to invest up to 25k for 2 years to upgrade this bike. You can check my bike here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-XRHkOsKHSUMW5Hd3czWG9yVm8/edit?usp=sharing


    • outsideslacker

      June 2, 2014 at 6:38 pm

      Hi bro. Upgrade the saddle, the drivetrain, handle bars and stem, the pedals, then save up for a new frame, then new wheels, and finally a better fork. You’re essentially replacing everything one part at a time, but at least you get to keep biking

  • nice sir, thanks for that:) God bless

  • good day sir. baguhan lng ako sa mountain bike last week i bought my first MB sa king. srp 25k+, sabi ng saleslady deore group set na siya hyd.brake. the rest of the parts are ryder. mahal po ba talaga ang brand ryder and do you think sulit sa pinambili ko. thanks

    • outsideslacker

      June 6, 2014 at 10:07 am

      ok lang naman ang ryder. may thread nyan sa pinoymtbiker.org. ang mas nagpamahal ng bike mo is the deore groupset since that can sell for up to 13k in some bike shops. i am not sure about the other parts like fork or handlebar or pedals. but bikes like that usually have bad saddles. hopefully the bike shop you bought it from gave you a good soft gel saddle with a depression in the middle for extra comfort

  • ryder din sir ung handle bar, fork and pedals at ung saddle comfortable naman cya so far. thank you very much sir for the info.

  • Thank u sir for the info… very informative.
    Excited na ko to check out LBS for my 2nd bike the last time I bought bike was 15 yrs ago. 🙂

  • Hi sir, matagal na kong interesado bumili ng mtb and maramirami na din akong nabasa na mga tips for beginners kaso medyo hirap pa din ako lalo na sa mga parts ng bike. Then nakita ko po tong site nyo gusto ko po sanang itanong kung sulit na po ba ung money ko worth 7k po para sa gantong specs nya

    Alloy frame and Shimano parts.
    Full alloy medium frame
    ZOOM handle riserbar
    Ryder stem
    Voyager Fork 120mm
    Infinity Sit Post
    Ryder soft Saddle
    Warrior alloy hubs
    Warrior dualdisc brake set
    RideIt Double wall alloy rim
    Shimano TX rd
    Shimano sis tourney roller
    Shimano SIS index 3×7
    Warrior Quick release

    Last po. Okay pa din po ba mag bike bike kahit ngayon papasok na ang rainy season? Thanks po sir. 🙂

    • outsideslacker

      June 11, 2014 at 10:50 am

      mukang ok naman ang bike na yan para sa presyo nya. ipon-ipon lang pag may time para makapag-upgrade. at oo, ok pa rin mag-bike kahit tag-ulan na. mas madalas mo nga lang lilinisin ang bike mo dahil sa putik

  • Parang na late ako basahin yung article nyo Sir Outsideslacker, but this was indeed very helpful.I’m happy that I bought a full set Bike last year Infinity 2014, I think I made the right choice. But I am planning ulit na bumuo ng another bike for my dad…yung tipong pang service daw nya.God Bless! very helpful tlga to sir…

  • Hello Sir, why is it that I only see very few Cannondale Mountain Bikes around? Is it not a very good brand? I was just wondering since I often see a lot of GT’s, Meridas and Giant on the streets of Manila.

    • outsideslacker

      June 12, 2014 at 11:13 pm

      cannondale is an excellent brand. if i had the money i’d get one with one of those weird lefty forks. i think the problem is marketing. cannondale probably isn’t investing enough to get their bikes into the philippine market

  • Good day Sir Mike!

    I’m canvassing recently at olx and ayos dito/ also checked these bikes personally at cartimar but can’t decide which is a much better choice. Hope you can give me advise if each is worth the money and what would you recommend (1st, 2nd and 3rd choice) please. Need your much help. Thanks

    Veloce Torque Mountain Bike – P7,500
    21 SPEED ( 7 X 3 )
    Available colors: Black and White

    Product Specifications:
    FRAME: Aluminum Alloy Ready for Racing Geometry
    FORK: Warrior Shocks
    SHIFTLEVERS: 7 Speed SHIMANO TOURNEY (Shifter and Brake Handle Integrated)
    COGS: SHIMANO 7 Speed Freewheel
    CHAINWHEEL : New batch has Shimano Altus 171 Crank
    TIRES: KENDA 26 x 2.10
    MORE IMPORTANLY – QUICK RELEASE HUBS (NO Tools Required to remove)

    Cube Spirit mountain bike – P7,800
    26×18 Cube Spirit alloy frame
    Double wall alloy rims
    Quick release alloy hubs
    Shimano Tourney shifters
    Shimano Tourney rear derailleurs
    Shimano Tourney front deraileurs
    Dual disk rotors
    Oversized truvativ handle bar
    Oversized truvativ handle stem
    Oversized truvativ seat post
    Yus brake caliper
    Alloy pedals
    Shimano crank
    The bomb handle grips
    Sealed bearings
    Shimano black silver chain
    21 speed 3×7

    SGM Charles and Jerry bike 2014 model – P8,500

    Bike specifications:
    21 Speed

    CASSETTE: Taiwan Mega range

    • outsideslacker

      June 20, 2014 at 1:23 am

      hi there gian, the specs of these bikes look very much the same to me. look at the fork and see if its shock actually functions. choose the bike whose fork actually works.
      another way to make the choice is go with your gut feel and choose the bike which you like best. kung sa palagay mo maganda sya para sa yo dahil sa kulay o porma, choose it. good luck sa pagbili bro

      • All fork shocks are working nman po. The only thing is that the SGM bike has lock for the shocks while the former two has no lock. Do I need this lock if I’m going to use my MTB for road biking?

        And another thing po Sir, is Shimano Tourney and 7 Speed Rapidfire the same. I’m confused po e…hehehe

        • outsideslacker

          June 20, 2014 at 10:21 am

          pareho lang yan. kung sa road mo gagamitin, di na nga kelangan ng shocks. pero kung sa trail, piliin mo yung may lock yung shocks. kelangan mo yan pag aakyat ng matarik na trail

          • Ganun pala po… Last questions po sir, which is much better shimano tourney crank or shimano altus 171 crank po…

            And what would you recommend for the helmet po specific brand or model po??

          • outsideslacker

            June 20, 2014 at 5:27 pm

            hi gian, buy a spyder helmet. good quality at a fair price. about the groupsets, heto ranking nya from top to lowest
            Deore XT

  • Nice sir…Thanks for the info,very helpful… Appreciate it…

  • Good day po sir. Bibili kasi ako ng new MTB im in pasay. Nagcanvass ako yesterday sa cartimar, my nakita ako whole bike na giant brand 20k, then my new cannondale din na 24k. 5’5+ lng height ko kaya small lang. Then nagask din ako wat if magassemble ako giant frame ung gusto ko worth 10.5k , ask ko lang kung original ba ung ganung price na giant frame? Budget ko is 20-24k. Kung hindi po nakakahiya sir pede po i-qoute nyo po ako ng magandang klase na worth lng sa budget ko.thanks po.

    • outsideslacker

      June 23, 2014 at 7:21 pm

      good deal na yung built-bike na giant for 20k, tanong ka na lang kung pwede i-swap yung fork nun for a better fork tapos dagdag ka na lang ng bayad. tapos unti-untiin mo na lang na yung upgrades

      • Hi sir binili ko n po knina mga 5pm ung 20k na giant bike, hanggang 18k lng huling tawad ngpumilit ako sa 17k ayaw tlga ibigay so ngsettle na kmi sa 18k, ung groupset nya shimano acera. Best price na ba un? Thank you very much sir bcoz of your blog mbilis ako nkpagdecide na bibili ng bike i just read sa comments mrami nko info n nagather. Shimano 2015 model nga pla new bike ko then inuwi ko sa mlibay, smooth ride

        • outsideslacker

          June 23, 2014 at 9:19 pm

          congrats. yup, good deal na yan. ipon ka na lang for a suntour epicon fork 🙂

          • Ganun na nga sir, pero anung difference nun sa fork na built-in at anu benefit? At can u give me an idea sir kung anu maganda na next i-upgrade? Thanks.

          • outsideslacker

            June 24, 2014 at 11:58 am

            generally, mas magaang at mas responsive sya. pero enjoy mo muna bike mo bago ka gumastos ulit 🙂 instead of upgrading your bike spend on a good helmet, sunglasses, hydration pack at gloves. pag nakaipon ka na heto mga pwede mo i-upgrade

  • Thank you very much tama ka enjoy ko muna ung bike. Accessories muna ako, parang magiiba nako ng hobby, baka mbenta ko dslr ko dahil naginvest din ako ng malaki dun. Mas magagamit pag bike kesa dslr ko na nakastock nalang ngayon. Thank yuo sir sa pagrereply, your so kind, Godbless.

  • Hi Sir,

    Kakabili ko lang ng Veloce Torque MTB at bago lang ako sa mundo ng biking. Pano po ba matetest kung working yung fork shock? Thanks in advance!

    • outsideslacker

      June 25, 2014 at 8:39 am

      diinan mo yung handlebar. pag lumubog yung fork, gumagana shock nya. pero iba-iba kasi ang responsiveness ng forks pag dating sa trail. yung mga air oil forks tulad ng epicon, gumagana sya kahit maliliit na bumps sa trail. yung mga entry-level na forks na spring lang naman ay sa malalaking bumps lang usually mararamdaman na gumagana

  • Hi sir, I’ve bought my new bike (cube bike) thanks for the advice po. Just wondering lang sir about the frame size. I bought a 26×18 frame no available sizes and my height is only 5’5 1/2″ to 5’6″ according to your cheat guide medyo malake po ung frame. Would this affect my riding experience po?

    • outsideslacker

      June 29, 2014 at 8:50 am

      Medyo malaki nga yung frame para sa yo, pero di naman masyado. What you can do is get a shorter stem for your handlebar para mas komportable ang upper body mo. Babaan mo rin lang yung seat post para mas abot ng paa mo yung pedals at yung ground.

  • Great guide. Why did I only read this now… Sayang medyo malayo yung Glorious, and I don’t really know how to get there even without a private vehicle. I guess sa Quiapo lang ako makakabili. Do you have any tips for newbies buying in Quiapo? I recently went to Cycle Art and the saleslady told that there no discounts on the bike that caught my attention.

    • outsideslacker

      June 30, 2014 at 1:39 pm

      try going to all of the stores there bro. if cycle art won’t give you a discount, i’m sure the others will. i wish i could help you sa tawaran, pero mahina rin ako dyan eh haha. my wife says i give in too quickly :p

      • Read this again haha. It’s a really great article. I currently have my eyes on 3 built bikes. I’m only confused kung alin ang kukunin ko kasi nagkakatalo sila sa groupset and fork.
        If you could kindly help…

        Cannondale Trail 4 29er
        Specialized Hardrock Sport 29er
        Mongoose Tyax Comp 29er

        Ang problem ko ay mostly walang Large frames ng Hardrock and Tyax sa mga LBS 🙁 I only saw Trail 4 having a Large frame.

        PS. I stand around 185 cm, and advise sakin na 19 or 20 daw na frame ang para sa akin.

        • outsideslacker

          July 11, 2014 at 8:32 am

          yeah, dapat nga large ang frame mo. 19 or 20. pinak ok na yung specs ng cannondale at swak pa sya sa height mo. i say go for that one 🙂

  • Hi!
    OK lang ba ang 203mm rotors sa Epicons?
    Tnx and more power!

    • outsideslacker

      July 3, 2014 at 5:48 pm

      pang AM-DH na rotors na yan bro, epicon is xc. pero check with your LBS bike mechanic. baka pwede naman.

  • Hi Sir,

    This is really really helpful for my search of entry level MTB.

    Thanks! :))

  • Hi sir, i’m planning to buy the SGM charles jerry i found in sulit.it cost 7.5k pero tinawaran ko and he can give it to me at 7k.it is 2 months old with him.my question is, is sgm a good starter bike? ive been reading post of upgrades and one thing i notice they all recommend to upgrade the fork.Thank you and more power.

    • outsideslacker

      July 9, 2014 at 11:01 am

      it looks like a good starter bike, meaning it will get you out there biking 🙂 and as you rack in the miles you may feel the need to upgrade one part or another. if you plan to ride some trails real soon, upgrading the fork and the tires should be on your list. changing the saddle to a more comfortable one will also help. pero kung sa road mo lang balak gamitin, ok na rin yan without any upgrades. just make sure the bike fits you

      • thanks sir.it will just be around the village and an occasional ride outside maybe.i have a generic standard mtb, im selling it to buy this SGM.I think i have this upgaditis problem as i see my neighbourhood’s bike having shocks and eye catching decals on frame,that its frustrating sometimes.Thanks for the help sir.

  • Thank you for the wonderful insights.

    I hope I can finally choose my bike soon!

  • Sir ano magandang specs ng mtb for 15k budget? newbie po ako.

    • outsideslacker

      July 13, 2014 at 6:19 am

      bro, siguro altus na lang ang groupset mo na mabibili dyan at xcm fork. ok rin alng naman yun. try to buy a built bike at tawaran mo.

  • thank you sir.

  • nice…. that’s exactly what i need to know…. Thanks for the big help… excited na ko…. =D

  • Hello sir, I know this is a MTB blog and I was hoping if you could give any advice on Folding Bikes? and any LBS that sell them on a cheap, around 8k max perhaps? only for commuting. Thanks

  • Hey,bro!First of all hats off to you for putting out this wonderful blog.Tanong ko lang,do you have any specific recommendation for an-purpose 1st MTB?Yung tipong you can use around the village for errands pero kaya din mag trail or xcountry if may mag aya,like Nuvali,Antipolo,etc.I already tried looking at Paulina’s pero mahal pala talaga yung mga gusto ko.I read kasi at least daw Shimano Deore groupset,Suntour XCR fork and alloy aluminum Frame.Yung Deore pa lang is 13K na,ung Fork I forgot the price while ung 17″ na Frame na Giant is 10K.Just looking for more options sana for say 20-25K or so budget.Thanks,paps and more power! 🙂

    • outsideslacker

      July 30, 2014 at 2:15 pm

      bro, di mo kailangan na deore groupset agad. acera or alivio will do for the weekend warrior. kung sasali ka ng karera, sige deore groupset at least. pero kung causal rider ka lang, ok na alivio.

      for your 25k budget, maganda ng bike makukuha mo nyan if you won’t insist on a giant frame. there are built bikes with vision or venzo frames that go for 15-20k. the frames themselves cost 5k -8k which are still much cheaper than giant. kung gusto mo sagarin yung 25k budget mo, mas ok if you spend it on a quality fork like epicon. mas ramdam ang difference nyan sa trail kesa mid-end groupset like deore.

      i won’t name specific models anymore because there are so many. go to your local bike shop and browse around. if you don’t see anything you like that’s within your budget, go to quiapo. they can probably cobble up something good in your price range.

      nga pala, save some money for a good helmet, bike shorts, spare inner tube at multi-tool. kailangan mo yan sa trail 🙂

      • Oks,paps.I will stay in Laguna kasi for a while so I know marami maganda mapupuntahan dito.Right now,I’m in Cubao area lang so 1 of theses days makapunta dyan sa Glorious for some investigation.Hehehe.So,Alivio is ok na plus Epicon fork then a decent frame.Thanks,bro.We might bump to each other pa dyan sa Anonas malamang,so cheers!

  • Hello Sir, ask ko lang kung applicable pa din ba ‘tong buyer’s guide nyo kung adult at total beginner ang gagamit? Balak ko kasi bumili ng mountain bike within 15k. Mostly for exercise, strolling and travelling short distances (~10km). At baka po may additional suggestions/advice kayo para sa beginner na tulad ko. Thanks in advance!

    • outsideslacker

      July 31, 2014 at 8:04 am

      you can buy an mtb within that budget bro. buy a built bike so you avoid getting confused over the parts. pero kung for mostly strolling short distances, baka mas ok kung folding bike ang bilin mo. a good venzo folding bike or mars kingdom bike is 10-15k.

  • Hi, Sir!

    Question lang po, which is a better buy within these three? All of them po are from Mars in Binondo. First time ko po kasi bibili ng MTB talaga. Reliable naman po ba ang bikes sa Mars?

    Option 1:
    HUBU M-168 ALLOY MTB P7,800


    Size: 17″ (medium)
    Material: Alloy
    Fork: Hubu Rebound

    Handlebar: Alloy
    Stem: Alloy
    Seat Post: Steel
    Saddle: Chaoyi
    Pedal: Plastic

    Shifter: ST-EF51 Shimano Rapid Fire 7 Spd.
    FD: Shimano Non-Series
    RD: Shimano TZ-Tourney
    Brake: Mechanical Disc Brake
    Sprocket: Shimano TZ-21 7 Spd.
    Crank: Ordinary

    Rim: Double Wall
    Spoke: Steel
    Tire: Chaoyang Tire 26×1.95
    Weight: 15 Kg

    Option 2:
    XiX-Earl2 21S MTB avail now P7800
    21 SPEED
    CHAOYANG 26×1.95 TIRES

    Option 3:
    Brand New XiX-SWARM ALLOY MTB P6500
    Full Specs:


    Size: 17″
    Colors: Red,White blue,White. red,Black blue
    Material: Alloy
    Fork: XiX (rebound type)


    Handlebar: XiX 31.8mm
    Stem: XiX Alloy
    Seatpost: XiX 27.2mm Steel
    Saddle: XiX
    Pedal: Plastic
    Handlegrip: Straight rubber


    Shifter: Shimano SIS 7 spd.
    FD: Sunrun
    RD: Sunrun
    Brake: Disc Brake
    Sprocket: Sunrun 7 spd.
    Crank: Ordinary (triple ring)


    Rim: XiX
    Spoke: Stainless
    Tire: Wanda King 26×1.95
    Weight: 15kg

    Also, If I’ll canvas at Quiapo for a price range of 5k to 8k, what important parts should I look for? (Cranks, sprockets, forks, etc) Thanks po!

    I really want to get into biking and I’m riding a BMX right now. Your blog is really a good read for bikers. I’ve actually read all your post in one week! You’ve got your blog a new follower in me. Kudos!

    • outsideslacker

      August 3, 2014 at 3:11 pm

      hi jb, mars is a relatively new player on the biking market. they source their parts and bikes from china. i’m not really familiar with their brand pero wala naman ako nababalitaan na masama sa kanila. i can’t really rate these parts since i’m not familiar with them either. pero these prices are just about right for entry level stuff. option 1 seems to have the most shimano parts so baka yun ang pinaka ok

      • Hi,Sir!

        Thanks po! I really want din kasi to get in touch with them since sila po yung pinakamalapit na bike shop.

        So should I look for the one with the best shimano parts po for this price range since alloy naman po lahat ng makukuha ko? Thanks po sa help sir! I really want po talaga to get the best out of my budget eh.

        Hoping to try and see you on the UP trail soon!

        Thanks po!

  • Sir, kakabili ko lang ng SGM Charles and Jerry 2015 (wala kasi 2014) sa Global Craze bike shop sa Quiapo. 8K + 5% interest kung Credit Card. Share ko lang para sa mga loyal na nagbabasa ng blog mo (gaya ko) ☺

    • outsideslacker

      August 4, 2014 at 8:46 am

      Thanks 🙂 makakatulong to sa mga budget conscious newbies

    • Hi Sir fidel, ask ko lang kung ano specs ng nabili mong MTB worth 8k? yan din kasi budget ko. thanks

      • Sir Raymund,

        Fork with Lock Out (Hindi ko po alam kung para saan yung reload nya sa fork)
        Shimano Parts
        21 Speed Drivetrain
        Kenda Tires

        Frame: Alloy Hydroforming Square Tubes
        Fork: Suspension with LOCK OUT
        Handlebar: Sgm Alloy
        Stem: Sgm Alloy
        Cogs: 7 Speed Taiwan
        Shifter: Shimano Altus 7 Speed Rapidfire (Shifter and brakelever are Integrated)
        FD: Shimano Tourney
        RD: Shimano RD-TX35
        Brake: Mechanical Disc Brake
        Hubs: Quick Release

  • Sir can you list some bike shops that are trusted and pretty much reliable. At least 3? Thanks 🙂

    • outsideslacker

      August 7, 2014 at 5:30 pm

      hi jp, ang maraming ok na bikeshop. kung dito sa UP QC area, nandyan ang glorious ride at 43bikes. kung sa marikina, nandyan ang john wilkie. kung sa ortigas pasig area, nandun ang all terra at bikezilla. sa quiapo… too many to mention. ganun din sa pasay cartimar 🙂

  • Sir outsideslacker, may decent bike na po ba para sa budget ko na 8k? any suggestion po na MTB? thanks

  • hello sir,

    newbie po ako sa pagbibike at wala po akong kaalam alam sa mga brand. mga budget ko po ay 6k to 8k. gagamitin ko lang po sa pag commute at exercise, pero balak ko rin sana sumali sa mga races. ano po mairerecomend nyo? i’m willing to upgrade naman po kung sakaling ready na ako sumali sa race pero for the mean time sanayin ko po muna sarili ko magbike. salamat po

    • isa pa po pala familiar din po ba kayo sa Ryan Bikes sa Kamuning? any feedbacks po sa kanila? salamat po sir

      • napuntahan ko na dati yung ryan bikes, mukhang ok naman stocks nila at friendly din yung staff

    • bro if you want to join a race eventually, baka di umubra yung 6-8k budget. pero kung for commuting and exercise, pwede na yan. try mo yung mars kingdom, they have some really affordable bikes there na swak sa budget mo.

  • kindly send me your contact nr preferably globe nr. so that i will call during office hour …thanks

  • gud morning sir,

    pag sinabi pong group set… ex. alivio group set, anong mga parts po ang mga kasama nun?


    • usually, brake set at drive train lang yan, minsan kasama ang hubs. brake set = levers, calipers, discs; drive train = shifters, derailleurs, cranks, bottom bracket, cassette, chain.

  • Sir newbie po ako..and i want to buy a new mtb as my service..computer technician po kasi ako..6-8k lng po budget..

    • hi raleigh, kaya naman makabili ng maayos na commuter bike sa budget mo. marami na rin nagtanong dito sa thread tungkol dyan. pls backread the earlier comments na lang bro. thanks 🙂

    • ok yung option 1 and 2 mo are ok. although yung sa option 2 na sgm, punta ka muna ng quiapo kasi baka may mas mura kang makuha na ganyang bike. if you can save up some more, maybe around 15k, you can get a much better entry level bike with acera parts. yung mga 8.5k na “mountain bike” ay mas angkop sa road use lang IMHO.

      • hi sir, another question lng po ulit.
        ano po differrence ng acera and alivio groupset? hydraulic brake narin po ba ung acera?

        kung papa-upgrade ko ung bibilhin kung built bike alin po sa dalawa ung papakabit ko for an entry level bike po. thanks…=)

        • hi l!am. mas ok ang alivio. the difference is mas durable sya. pero kung may extra budget ka pa, deore na ipa-upgrade mo para 10-speed na bike mo at may clutch mech sa rear derailleur pa.
          yup may acera na hydraulic brakes na.

          • sabi nyo po kc sa mga previous reply nyo na, pangexpert na po kc ung deore.=) eh first timer plang po kc ako.

            magkano po kaya difference ng alivio sa deore para try ko pong iconsider.

            thanks sir…

          • alivio yata is around 8k. deore is around 12k wala pang hubs, with hubs nasa 15k.
            ok rin ang alivio, if you’re a newbie on a tight budget, go for alivio or acera.
            di naman pang expert ang deore, xt at xtr ang pang karera (or pang-mayaman :p) at wala na rin akong balak ipa-upgrade pa bike ko sa super mahal na groupsets na yun.

  • hi sir sa kings bike shop recomend sakin ryder frame bulit bike napo ok po ba ryder??? newbie po ako 29er po

    • di naman masyado nagkakalayo ang mga entry level frames ngayon. i’ve never tried a ryder frame pero i haven’t heard anything bad about them. what you should look out for are the parts. rule of thumb is: look for as many shimano parts as you can

  • Nice tips. What’s your opinion about SGM bikes?

  • hada change of heart, sir san kaya may affordable na 26 MTB? any bike shops you know that sell them cheap? you know less than 10k perhaps and those 2.7-3k MTB i see on fb, are they worth buying?

  • Hello Sir. Have you heard of TRINX brand? I’m looking for reviews but I can’t find any. I’m eyeing this TRINX X5 but is having seconds thought when I saw this GIANT 27.5 and I cant remember the model. They’re both of the same price range. Thanks in advance

  • Sir, patulong naman ..
    ok ba to sa price nya?
    second hand lang

    Price: ₱ 55,000

    rocky mountain bike
    fox racing fork
    fox rear shox
    raceface crank
    avid elixir hydro breaks
    raceface carbon seatpost
    SDG titanium seat
    hope seat collar
    2008 Rocky Mountain
    Fox Vanilla RLC Coil 130mm
    Fox Float rear shox
    Raceface Deus triple w/ Turbine rings
    Avid hydraulics
    Raceface Next SL Carbon
    XTR 9spd
    XT RD
    SLX 9spd
    Saddle- SDG with titanium railings


  • Thank you Sir. I think I’ll go for the Giant then do some upgrade.

  • sir outsideslacker, gusto ko lang po magpasalamat sa blog na ito para sa newbies na katulad ko…eto rin po yung binasa ko bago ako bumili ng built bike, nakabili po ako ng 2015 giant atx2 27.5 with price tag 15K w/ free alloy bottle handle @ JRyan bicycle store, at nagamit ko na sya sa road at trail sa pico de loro last sunday… hingi lang po ako ng advise kung ok na ba yung size ng stock tire na 1.9″ for trails ? or kailangan ko pang palitan ng 2.1″ or 2.3″ tires?…saka uubra kaya yung mga tire size na nabangit ko sa stock na giant rims?…thanks in advance po….

    • 1.9 tires are for xc racing. ok lang yan kung mahusay ka na sa bike handling, pero kung newbie ka, dapat 2.1 at least. kung medyo bihasa ka na at gusto mong mas may control sa downhill, 2.3 tires are great, kahit sa harap lang.
      stock giant rims are ok.

      • thanks po sa reply….kaya pala nung pababa ako sa medyo rocky road (30-40 degree ata yun siguro) hirap akong magbalance(newbies palang hehe)…siguro mag setup ako ng 2.1 rear tapos i’ll go for your advice na 2.3 sa front,…btw sa spare tire tube ubra po ba yung size 26″ sa 27.5 wheels ko?..kasi medyo hirap makahanap ng pang 27.5 na tire tube…thanks po…

        • advisable din na pag medyo mahaba at mabato ang downhill e bawasan ang hangin sa gulong. marami spare tube na 27.5 ngayon. hanap ka lang sa glorious ride o kaya sa quiapo. ok rin lang na gamitin ang 26er na inner tube kung wala kang ibang makuha, pero mas maigi kung sukat talaga sa wheelsize mo yung spare tube

  • ayos sir,..maraming salamat po sa mga tips…laking tulong talaga ng blog nyo,…maraming salamat po ulit…:)

  • Sir question po ulit,..hehe pag nagupgrade po ba ako sa 9 speed, cassette cogs lang ba papalitan ko? or kasama pa yung Front/ rear Derailleur?(shifter obvious na papalitan)..existing ko kasi is 7 speed shimano tourney tx2015… hindi ba ako magkakaproblema sa existing crankset ko na SR Suntour NEX, 28/38/48? thanks po ulit….

    • from 7-speed to 9-speed, papalitan mo dapat lahat ng parte ng drive train mo. mas manipis kasi chain ng 9speed. pwede pa kung 8-speed lang, pero hindi maganda shifting at mas madalas kailangan ipa-tono

  • hi sir, I bought an SGM 2015 light intensity X8,My question is can i use this bike on a beginner light trail,the one they have in Lamesa Ecopark. Thanks.

    • i wouldn’t call lamesa beginner dahil may mga technical portions din sya kahit cross country trail sya 🙂 baka mabigla ka dun sa mga biglang bulusok at ahon sa mga tulay dun. pero yes, pwede mo gamitin sgm dun. enjoy your bike bro

  • Which one of these do you think is a good starter bike for a beginner? SGM, Trinx or Veloce? Thanks 🙂

  • Sa mga followers ng napakagaling na blog na ito (isa ako dun), Sino tags San Jose del monte ,Bul dito na gusto pumadyak ng may kasabay?

  • Bossing patulong naman pls..anu sa tingin mo dto sa specs na to

    Frame ORANGE
    Bomber Triple Crown Fork
    Manitou swinger rear shick
    FUNN fatboy handle bar
    FUNN Hooka dh crank
    Chris king headset

    Buying it for 40k? is it worth buying the bike?

  • by the way its a downhill rig.

    • bro, second hand ba tong bike na to? ano itsura ng bike? btw, pls just message me on the fb page. masyado na kasing mahaba ang comment thread dito