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At the Camp Aguinaldo Bike Trail

Biking in Camp AguinaldoWhile trying out Camp Aguinaldo’s bike trail, I thought about zombies.

Yes, I love zombie apocalypse films and TV series. I am having serious withdrawal symptoms right now with the next season of the Walking Dead not set to air for several more months. I need my regular zombie flick fix where survivors are constantly on the move evading the undead, hunting for supplies, and fighting off other survivors who seem to be worse than flesh eating ghouls. As sickeningly antisocial as it may sound, survival in this scenario seems like the greatest adventure one can ever have.

I revisited the Camp Aguinaldo bike trail on Saturday last week, just before supertyphoon Labuyo slammed into the Philippines. While biking through the section of the trail where old, rusting, abandoned military vehicles were dumped, I was reminded of scenes from The Walking Dead. It’s part of what makes the place special. Read more [+]

Wall Climbing in Power Up R.O.X.

Young girl climbing at Power Up ROXPower Up ROX in Bonifacio Global City is the youngest sibling in the venerable climbing gym’s chain of indoor walls. Apparently, it also attracts the youngest of the climbing crowd.

I went to ROX last week to sign up for the upcoming Nature’s Trail Discovery Run. I also wanted to check out the indoor wall there which was put up only in May last year. Having visited ROX several times before, I wasn’t sure how they could have fit a 40-foot climbing wall in the building. Read more [+]

Paragliding at Antenna Hill

Antenna Hill will soon be famous for things other than mountain biking

Who didn’t dream of flying as a kid? Almost everyone I know once tied a towel to his back, pretended it was the cape of some superhero and jumped off some fence or roof in a split second make believe of flight. As kids, we we wanted to soar through the air, like Superman, Peter Pan or the child warrior Atreyu on his luck dragon Falcor. Those were great times, weren’t they?

But somewhere along the way, age and the reality of adult concerns got in the way of dreams and imagination. We gave up fantasies of taking to the air in favor of a car, regular visits to the mall, flat screen TVs and the latest gadgets.

Fortunately for me, I am getting to relive this childhood dream thanks to some odd luck and an even odder Japanese dude. Read more [+]