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Wall Climbing In Power Up Tandang Sora

A climber tries to overcome an overhang

Personally, I think bikers and runners should take on climbing to balance things out. While biking and running give our legs a great workout, they neglect the upper body. Climbing takes care of this. Also, if you bike or run in Wawa, you must be familiar with its magnificent soaring cliffs that are just waiting to be scaled.

And there’s no better place to learn climbing than in Power Up Tandang Sora–the grand daddy of wall climbing gyms in the Philippines. It is one of the first (if not the first) indoor climbing gyms ever built in the country. 

If you want to give climbing a try (and you really should) this gym definitely merits a visit or two. It is staffed by people who live and breathe rock climbing, and whose dreams probably consist of even more gnarlier climbing. It has produced some of the best climbers in the Philippines, including gold medalists in various competitions in Southeast Asia.

Power Up Climbing Gym Tandang Sora

Power Up TS is the grand daddy of indoor climbing gyms in the Philippines

Don’t be intimidated by the other guys and girls who climb in TS (Power Up Tandang Sora to the uninitiated). Yes, they may look look like Marvel or DC action figures come to life, and the way they move up the walls and overhangs may seem to suggest they have mutant abilities. But they are really just friendly guys who are more than willing to lend a hand to a newbie who wants to explore a sport they love.

Power Up TS also hosts yoga, meditation and even zumba classes now

Getting to TS  is relatively easy. If you’re driving, just check out this map. If you’re coming from the QC circle, it’s just a short jeepney or bus ride away. From Katipunan, it’s even easier.

The rates are also reasonable—just Php150 for all day climbing, plus some extras for gear like a pair of climbing shoes and a harness. It’s best to go there with a buddy though, as you will need someone to belay or hold the rope for you while you climb. Otherwise you’ll have to pay a belayer for Php100 per half hour.

Climbing harnesses

You’ll need climbing harnesses to get up those walls

Don’t know how to belay? No worries, they’ll teach you that too. Just pay attention so you don’t drop your buddy when he/she peels off the wall in sheer exhaustion.

If you fall off the wall, don’t be embarrassed. It happens to everyone, especially newbies.

TS is where I first learned climbing almost ten years ago, and where I intend to regain some of the climbing form I lost through years of neglect, procrastination, and beer binges.

Climber on a overhangingwall

The overhang is always a challenge

Last week, as thousands of freshly minted diplomas were being handed out to kids while Verdi’s Triumphal March blared in the background, I again visited TS feeling like an alumnus who was going back to his old school.

Power Up Tandang Sora

The TS gym has 8 top rope walls, and a bouldering cave for hardcore climbers

Of course, I could never really consider myself a graduate of this revered institution. I was more like a dropout. There was a time when I was religiously climbing its walls 3-4 times a week. I even managed to level up my skills enough to climb green routes. But I never progressed beyond that. Work and other commitments got in the way of full-time climbing.

But now that I’ve got time enough for climbing, there’s no excuse not to get back on the wall.

Well, maybe if Telltale releases new episodes of The Walking Dead Game… but that’s zombies man. We all need to be prepared!

Walk-in rate: Php150
High School Student: Php120
Shoe rental: Php40
Harness rental: Php40
Belayer: Php100 per 30 mins

8 top rope lines
a 40 foot lead roof
a boulder cave

Operating hours
Mon-Fri: 2pm-10pm
Sat-Sun: 12nn – 8pm

Contact info:

Tip: Bring spare clothes. You’ll be sweating buckets while trying to climb up those walls. Buy some Alaxan for the day after, because your muscles will feel like they’ve been put through a meat grinder.

The gym also has a bike rack for bike commuters

Bike commuters can park their rides inside the gym. What a great idea!
All photos taken by traveling-up.com

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  • Yung 150 na rate, good for how many hours po yun ? thank you

  • Hi! We want to try this. Is there a time limit for the Php 150 fee?

  • How much is the rent for the shoes and harness and everything?

  • Hi! Need pa po b mag pa-sched nh climb or pede walk in?! Thanks! Matagal ko na kc talaga gustong i-try to… 🙂

  • Pwede ba magpaturo kung paano magbelay? Do they allow once natutunan na yung kasama mo na ang magbelay? I had wall climbing lessons nung high school. Somehow know how to belay, pero ang tagal na kase nun at least refresher lang to be safe. Hehe

    • outsideslacker

      April 28, 2014 at 8:18 am

      yup, they allow you to belay pag nakita nila na marunong ka naman. pero be warned, power up ts doesn’t use grigris anymore. they use atc

  • hello po.. would just like to inquire open pa rin po ba ang power up sa tandang sora? and still same po ba ang rates? thanks po 😀

    • outsideslacker

      May 29, 2014 at 3:11 pm

      open pa rin sya. pero nagtaas na yata sila ng rates. 200 php na climbing fee

  • i havent tried wall climbing before and i want to do it this coming sept or oct. Do you have a trainer there? Someone who can teach me the basics? thanks.

    • yup, they have trainers in power up tandang sora. they give you tips on proper climbing form as well as how to get yourself into a harness, and belay

  • per hour din b ang charge sa shoes and harness? kung beginner my extra charge din b ang lessons?thanks

    • sa power tandang sora one-to-sawa ang shoes and harness rental 🙂 walang charge sa lesson, pero may charge yung belayer o taga-hawak ng rope

  • Hello po. May lead climbing ba sa power up TS? pansin ko kasi sa mga pics, mga top rope lang. Kung wala po, may maisa-suggest po ba kayong gym sa metro manila na may lead climbing? Salamat 🙂

    • pwede mag lead climbing dun. paalam ka lang sa instructors. meron din sa power up centro atletico

  • I would like to try this…. maybe by October with my husband ask ko lang san ba pwede makabili ng shoes for clim para hindi na po kmi mg rent.

  • hi sir, may weight limit ba sila dito? my current weight is around 230lbs.

  • wow!..gusto kong ma-try.. maybe this coming saturday… punta kami ni bf.. ^__^

  • I just want to verify since the unlimited rate for this is P150 plus P100 for every 30mins only of the belayer & harness for P40, for the shoes is it any type of rubber shoes? Tnx.

    • hi yhumie, sorry for the long overdue reply. i was kinda busy the past few weeks and hadn’t checked the blog for comments. if you’ve already climbed during the time i wasn’t replying, you probably already know that the shoes for rent at the gym are proper climbing shoes 🙂 on the other hand, if you haven’t checked out the gym yet and are still just planning to, then don’t worry about the shoes. you can rent climbing shoes, but good old rubber shoes will also be fine for beginners 🙂

  • Hi! How about the bouldering, still Php200 walk-in? Are there other hidden fees I have to pay to do the bouldering here?

    Also, am I right that I can choose to use my own rock climbing shoes?

    Also, coming from Katipunan-Aurora intersection, do you know how I can commute going there? 🙂

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply!

  • Are you still regularly climbing at TS gym? I would like to try go there. I am from Latinamerica and have not many friends around here, also I have never tried climb before. Do they have instructors or just someone to hold the rope? do you recommend any group of regular climbers to join? sorry for all the questions 🙂

    • hi, sorry for the delayed reply. i was out of the country and didn’t have time to check on the blog. about your questions: yes they have instructors at TS, and yes they have belayers there for people who don’t have a climbing partner. the folks at TS are very warm and friendly and will help you out. unfortunately, my schedule does not permit me to climb regularly anymore :/

  • Do they also have rentals for chalk pouches? or do we have to provide for ourselves?