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Gear Review: Spyder Dart Helmet

Spyder Dart Helmet

The Dart Helmet: makes even a Sith Lord think about switching head gear

The Spyder Dart is one good looking helmet. When I posted its photo on Facebook, it immediately got dozens of likes. Bikers asked what model it was, asked if it was already available, and asked where they could buy it. If they could order it on the website, many of them would have probably done so. I have always been a fan of Spyder helmets, but they seem to have outdone themselves with this one.

The Dart is the latest in Spyder’s line of all-mountain lids that are becoming very popular these days. As more and more riders eschew familiar trails and easy rides for more challenging rough and tumble adventures, helmets are also evolving to deal with the increased risks entailed by these adventures.

Spyder Dart Helmet

Lots of readers of the OutsideSlacker FB Page wanted to know where they could get this helmet

But first a word about helmets. Some mountain bikers seem to think it’s optional to wear one. Wrong!

Let me tell you a short and snappy cautionary tale about my friend Getulio Hubrisima, perhaps the most stupendous badass biker that’s ever pedaled into the secret history of Philippine mountain biking. Getulio had skills the likes of which had never been seen before. Cam Zink is a toddler on a Stryder compared to this guy. And Danny MacAskill is just some jologs wannabe trying to figure out which foot goes into which pedal. 150 foot gap jumps? Getulio eats that for breakfast. 720 degree front flips? Hubrisima doesn’t even break a sweat. Chuck Norris himself was jealous at one point dahil talagang TNL ito.

Getulio Hubrisima was a man's man, kinda like Jax of Samcro

Getulio Hubrisima was a man’s man, kinda like Jax of Samcro

But Getulio Hubrisima had one weakness: he didn’t like wearing helmets. He said it messed up his hair. He said it just didn’t look good on him. He said helmets were for dorks. Tsk, tsk.

One day, while casually biking down Maginhawa street, he was distracted by the scent of freshly fried kwek kwek. He took his eyes off the road in search of the source of that captivating smell. Just then, a truck carrying bowling balls, baseball bats, hollow blocks, lead pipes and assorted blunt objects sped up behind him and hit his rear wheel. What happened next wasn’t pretty.

Surgeons furiously worked on him to try to restore his good looks, but the damage was just too extensive. Getulio never recovered his astigness either as the crash permanently erased his memory of all the tricks he used to be able to do. And he was never heard from again.

This how Getulio Hubrisimo looks like after his freak accident while not wearing a helmet

Surgeons tried to reconstruct his face. But this how Getulio Hubrisimo looks now
after his freak accident while not wearing a helmet

Bottomline is: Don’t get too cocky, be prepared! Wear a helmet when you ride.

Now, there are XC helmets, which look like a typical road bike helmet that’s been fitted with a visor. XC helmets are great for riding most trails, but I wouldn’t recommend you use them when bombing down Antenna Hill.

Spyder Dart Helmet

I prefer the black and red version of this helmet. Black and red are so elemental

For gravity-oriented trails like the Antenna downhill track, you need to wear the extra protection provided by, of course, downhill helmets. These things have chin guards to guard against faceplants, and they look like they’d be right at home in motocross events. However, DH helmets suck when you’re trying to climb even a small hill.

Spyder Dart Helmet

The right way and wrong way to wear an all mountain helmet

The Spyder Dart sits somewhere in the middle between an XC and DH. Unlike XC helmets, the Dart offers more coverage for the back of the head. It’s also comfortable enough to climb with while still providing enough protection for hard crashes–as long as they’re not of the faceplant kind.

The Dart has a visor that can be lowered or raised depending on the riding conditions. Its straps are also easy to adjust for a secure fit. And its got washable liners inside. The vents are also very good at keeping your head cool during those grueling climbs. The Dart can also accommodate goggles for those who need the extra protection for en-ju-row events.

Spyder Dart Helmet

This is my new favorite head case

But the best thing about the Dart is this: it just looks so damn cool. I’ve owned 3 different Spyder helmets so far, but the Dart has become my favorite.

Another great thing about is it costs less than half the price of other similar helmets. Bang for the buck, anyone?Spyder Dart Helmet


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  • I was at Robinsons Dumaguete today looking for a helmet since my class A cratoni retired recently. I saw this helmet and yes it is good looking. if yoou’ve seen the matte like POC trabec, the blue one, it somehow resembles that particular helmet for a low price. (the blue dart ofc).

    I was torn between this and the bolt though. In terms of price, the bolt wins at 1800 while this one is at 2.6k the trax is about 2.5k. the trax is good looking as well.

    for quality helmets below 3k these are pretty good.

    I’m going back tmrw to check the helmets again and choose one. They have all the colors so its pretty great!

    I only wish though that they would supply an extra set of pads for these helmets, even for a small increase in price that i wont mind.

  • Awesome review! How would you compare it to the Spyder Shox?

    I have the Shox but the Dart seems to look cooler.


    • outsideslacker

      April 4, 2015 at 1:57 pm

      hey bro. di pa ako nakakagamit ng shox, but you’re right about the dart looking way cooler 😉

  • I’m looking for another helmet – colored (or with) green to coordinate with my bike.
    I’m now considering this Spyder Dart.
    Thanks. for the review.

  • Sir napapalitan po ba ng paddings and straps ang spyder dart?

    If ever, may color black kaya? and how much?

    I’m using spyder dart din po kasi for almost 2 years na, .. plano ko palitan ng black paddings and straps eh para hindi dumihin. I own the ygreen/blue one po.

    Salamat po!

    • hi jorz, sorry for the delayed reply. i was out of the country and couldn’t check my blog as often as i needed to. about your question: it would be much better if you ask the folks at spyder yourself. they have a social media account (teamspyder ph) and they reply quickly to concerns like yours 🙂