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Nuvali: Another Mecca for Mountain Bikers

Biking in Nuvali

Getting some air on the Nuvali 4X track during the Dirt Weekend 2015

Nuvali is a vast real estate development in Sta. Rosa Laguna has been attracting bikers from all over Metro Manila and Southern Luzon. I’d been hearing lots of good things about this place for quite some time now–chiefly about its amazing trails and scenery.

I’d always wanted to check out Nuvali and sample its dirt, but I often got discouraged from going there. Why? Because it meant loading up the bike on the car, and braving the infamous gridlocks of Southern Metro Manila. Yeah, I’ve said it before: nothing ruins my day quite like getting stuck in traffic.

But last December, I finally got to bike in Nuvali.The almighty mountain biking gods accepted my sacrifices of virgin titanium spokes and graciously granted me my most fervent wish! Or almost. Actually, my wife got invited by Seda Hotel for a free overnight stay through her travel blog. Since we were going to be resting, relaxing and luxuriating in an excellent hotel for FREE (!!!), the dreaded traffic going to Sta. Rosa seemed less dreadful.

Nuvali Seda Hotel

Thanks for the free stay!

This was actually not my first time in Nuvali. We first went here about three years ago when we participated in the first Outbreak Manila zombie fun run. Being avid Walking Dead fans, we couldn’t pass up chance to get chased and harassed by hordes of flesh-eating undead.

Nuvali Dirt Weekend 2015

XC action at the Nuvali Dirt Weekend 2015

My second time in Nuvali was also last December when I covered the Nuvali Dirt Weekend for ABS-CBN Sports+Action. I got to see Nuvali’s famous 4x track and immediately vowed I’d come back for them. And so I did. Ang angas kasi ng track!

Biking in Nuvali

Biking in Nuvali

But first, the XC trails. Bikers who come to Nuvali will be rewarded with excellent cross country singletracks. The designers of the trails really made sure to maximize the area’s potential. The course for the Dirt Weekend race twisted and turned through rolling terrain that will put your bike handling kung fu to the test. I could just imagine the skills needed to pass another racer on that track.

Despite not having a lot of elevation, the trails were surprisingly flowy and fun. Again, kudos to the trail designers. There’s even one section where you descend under a bridge where you need to muster some downhill mojo.

Biking in Nuvali

Biking in Nuvali

You need to cross paved roads to link most of the trails, but that’s not really a big issue since the roads themselves are also a joy to bike on. Not too many cars, and the few cars on the road are usually courteous to bikers.

One place I would’ve wanted to really explore in Nuvali is the so-called New Zealand trail. But after 2 hours or so of biking, I don’t think I managed to stumble upon this mythical area. I couldn’t recall getting into a spot where the landscape, grass and cows looked even vaguely reminiscent of Middle Earth.

Nuvali 4X Track

Nuvali 4X Track

Nuvali 4X TrackAnyway, the undisputed highlight of Nuvali’s bike trails for me is the 4X track. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere else in the country–not in Timberland, not in Antenna-Thunder Trail. Why? Because this track is UCI-certified.

Ayala Land really made sure that this amenity will stand out. I don’t know if other trail builders would even be willing to spend that much cash on building a wooden wall ride. If you want to try this out, I suggest you practice on your sprints because you will need a lot of speed to really stick your wheel onto the wall.

Nuvali 4X Track

The jumps are also lots of fun! You may get scared, and you may even get scarred while trying this track, but the fun factor is more than worth it. You will also become a more skilled biker after trying this out.

After wearing ourselves out on the trails, me and my wife went back to Seda Hotel and got to enjoy the place’s amenities. The food was great, and the rooms and service were top notch. Nuvali is just amazing.

Biking in Nuvali

Biking in Nuvali

Nuvai Seda Hotel

Nuvai Seda Hotel

Biking in NuvaliIf Ayala Land keeps developing the biking facilities here, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day it’s become the Philippine version of Whistler Bike Park.

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  • Capt obvious

    May 2, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    Those pictures are enticing. So if some weekend warrior living far from nuvali would want to bike the trail they can bring their bikes to the Seda hotel ? Is it really that accesible ? Are they biker friendly?

    • outsideslacker

      May 3, 2015 at 3:50 pm

      if you’re a guest at the hotel, they will let you keep your bike in the storage area. they are pretty bike friendly because a lot of their guests also come to nuvali for the biking

  • Hi,

    Nice blog post. Tanong lang. Road bike kasi sa amin. Are there road bike routes available in Nuvali or around that area?

    • outsideslacker

      May 18, 2015 at 12:21 pm

      yup, nuvali has lots of great pavement for road biking. maraming triathletes practice there because of the quality of the roads

      • Thank you for your reply. Where is it good to start? Which part? Are you allowed to enter the exclusive villages?

        • outsideslacker

          May 28, 2015 at 2:13 pm

          hi jerry, a good place to start is the trail used for the nuvali dirt weekend. may map naman dun sa visitors area when you leave your ID so you can have an idea where to go. but i don’t think you’re allowed to enter the exclusive villages which have gates and guards.