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Slacker In Motion

Fitness and physical excellence are secondary to the pleasures of the play.

Another blog about outdoor stuff? Why not?

For some time now I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a website about the fitness activities I’ve grown to enjoy. I used to do websites before and I kinda missed tinkering with design and content. However, I kept putting off developing this site on fears that I might be mistaken for a hardcore fitness buff. The mere thought of this was horrifying. Obsessing about abs, and counting calories have never been my thing. And beer, donuts and crispy sisig will always be part of my checklist for nourishment.

This is not really a journal on how to be healthy. Getting mistaken for a fitness guru ranks up there in my list of nightmares, along with getting exiled to a country where booze is illegal, and the possible return of dialup internet.

Don’t get me wrong. I laud people who take care of their health by leading active lives. But I also believe people should try running, biking and climbing primarily because they’re fun. The health benefits come as a bonus. Thus the name of this site–these activities are my way of slacking off.

I think Haruki Murakami said it best: “A gentleman shouldn’t go on and on about what he does to stay fit.” He wrote that in his book “What I talk About When I Talk About Running.”  Of course, from the title of the book alone, you already know that author has no illusions about being a gentleman. I’m not a gentleman either, but I do share Murakami’s terror about being misread as some kind of fitness coach.

These are just my own musings on running, biking, climbing, and other activities I enjoy doing in the so-called great outdoors. It’s more like a travelogue than a how-to manual. If there are occasional pointers on how to stay fit, let me apologize in advance and warn you: Don’t believe everything you read on the intarwebs! Cheers.

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