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Timberland’s Basic Trail and Roxas Loop

Timberland's Basic Trail and Roxas Trail, Mountain Biking in the Philippines

The basic trail, it’s pretty basic but it’s a nice place for newbies to get some trail experience

Seems like a lot of people have been buying mountain bikes the past few weeks. It’s no surprise, people are awash with cash right now thanks to Christmas bonuses, and many are eager to get into this thing called mountain biking.

If you just bought a bike, ride it around the city streets for a while so you can be more familiar with your new toy and how it handles. The U.P. Diliman campus is an excellent place to learn how to bike. Once you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to level up your fitness and tackle the climbs. Timberland’s The Wall is an excellent training ground for pushing your inner Son Goku from Saiyan to Super Saiyan. Just don’t push yourself beyond your limits. If you think you’re about to black out from the strain of the climb, take a breather. Not everyone can conquer the wall in one go. Don’t go all out on the descent either.

Even veteran bikers have met accidents on that crazy fast descent. But once you’ve done The Wall, what’s next? The obvious answer is beyond the gate, and into the real trails!

Timberland's Basic Trail

It can get muddy there when it rains

Timberland has a very nice Basic Trail that’s great for beginners. It’s not too technical, and the fireroad is wide enough for two bike buddies to ride side by side in some sections. Speaking of which, if you’re just starting to learn trail riding, it’s better to find a buddy or a group of other riders who can ride with you. Why? If something happens to you, or… (heaven spare us from something so unthinkable!) your new bike, at least there will be someone there to assist you.

For hardcore padyakoldaway types, getting to the basic trail is easy. After overcoming The Wall and leaving an ID with the guards at the gates, all you have to do is overcome another steep climb, which Timberland regulars call The Wall 2. Don’t worry, it’s not as steep as the first wall. And after that, that’s it! You’re on the basic trail.

The Wall 2, or The Wall Too

The basic trail starts after you finish The Wall 2

Newbies are advised to stay on the basic trail and not make a detour to the Blue Zone or the Green Zone just yet. Those trails are for intermediate to advanced riders. Just keep riding the straight basic trail until you get to another gate at the end.

Timberland's Roxas Trail

The Sierra Madre mountains can be seen from the Roxas trail

Timberland's Roxas Trail

The Roxas trail has some scenic spots

The Roxas Trail is another interesting trail that’s also okay for newbies. It’s a bit more technical, and newbies will most likely need to dismount in some sections, but the view is great and it gives newbies a taste of what they could expect when they tackle the Blue Zone.

Timberland Basic Trail

After the trail comes a really picturesque paved section with pine trees
that look straight out of a Christmas postcard

If you want some extra challenge, you can bike further on the paved road beyond the gate and get some grub in the Giant store. They serve excellent pancit canton there and lots of cold drinks. If you’re hungry for something tastier, you can go to Philip’s Sanctuary where the food is great, but it’s only open during weekends and holidays though.

Giant Store in Timberland

The Giant Store in Timberland serves some delicious pancit canton

If you still have enough energy in your legs, try going all the way to the Ten Commandments shrine. It’s about 2 kilometers from the Giant store. The view there is great, and it almost makes you feel as triumphant as Moses coming down Sinai, which is the name of the place by the way.

Camp Sinai in San Mateo

This would make a good Holy Week destination for bikers

The Ten Commandments monument in San Mateo
Commandment no. 11: Thou shall ride thy bike as often as you can
Mt Sinai San Mateo

God’s country

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  • sir saan po ang entrance nun roxas loop? ive biked twice in timberland with a buddy, pero yun basic lang nagagawa namin since natatakot kami pumasok sa ibang trails baka ndi kami makalabas dahil ndi namin alam daan, hehe.

    • outsideslacker

      April 27, 2014 at 7:42 am

      pasok ka ng basic trail, tapos sa may kaliwa yun bago ka dumating sa blue zone. don’t be afraid of getting lost sa timberland. maliit lang yan. di ko ka mawawala dyan 🙂

  • napuntahan ko to last sunday grabe ang akyatan parang mas nahirapan ako dito compare sa bugarin pililia rizal kaso bitin ako pag dating kosa taas sa entrance ng mga trail hindi na ako tumuloy nag pahinga lng ako ng konti bumaba na ako mga11:30 am tinanghali kasi ako ng gising dapat mas maaga ako maka punta katirikan na ng araw ng naka akyat ako. this sunday balik ulit ako mas maaga para mapuntahan or masubukan ko yung mga trail. tnks to this blog. :}

  • Pare san ulit yung roxas loop? pag pasok galing sa ihawan, nasa left side? aabot ba sa chapel? nakakaalangan kasi pumasok baka yung mapasukan namin na trail e delikado pala sa beginner.


    • outsideslacker

      June 17, 2015 at 7:13 pm

      hi chuck. green zone yung sa ihawan. nabago na yung entrance sa roxas loop dahil dun sa construction activities, haven’t really ridden it in a while kasi mostly blue zone and black diamond ako pag sa timberland.

  • hello po! pano po ba pumunta dun sa basic trail papuntang mt sinai po? Thank you! 🙂

    • outsideslacker

      March 3, 2016 at 8:59 am

      hi mariz, akyat ka ng wall tapos dire-diretso lang yun 🙂 you go through basic trail, then sapinit road (yung may christmas trees) tapos sa dulo turn left. papuntang mt sinai na yun

  • Mga Sir may alam po ba kayong bike rental na malapit sa Timberland trail or kahit san ako pwede mag rent ng mountain bike for 1 day. Galing po ako ng Toronto Canada rider po ako ng OPM ( Ontario Pinoy Mountain Biker) gusto ko po subukan tong trail na ito.pwede rin nyo akong samahan para naman kuwentuhan ride lng.maraming salamat mga sir.

    • outsideslacker

      March 9, 2016 at 3:24 pm

      yup, may bike rental na sa timberland. dun sa gate, ask for adventure farm bike rentals. they have several basic xc bikes for rent there. not sure kung kailan kita pwede samahan though :p kasi medyo pabago-bago din schedule ko

  • Hello sir,

    Meron po ba kayo naitatagong Trail map ng Timberland?
    Plan po kasi naming pumunta sa timberland sa January 14, 2017

  • Hi sir! Thanks po sa blog mo. Newbie biker po ako at balak itry ung trail sa timberland. Madali lang po ba malaman kung san direction ng basic trail at roxas trail? Also, ask ko lng po kung meron pa rin rental ng bike sa timberland? And kung meron ka po contact nila. Thanks so much.

    • hi alyx, yung basic trail dire-diretso ka lang nun mula sa paved road ng timberland. yung roxas naman, kakaliwa ka. ask around, or refer to the map here