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Rock Climbing in Sagada

Visitors come to Sagada for its cool climate, its beautiful pine-clad mountain slopes, its relaxing vibe, and its friendly locals. Travelers stay for a couple of days to enjoy Sagada’s caves, its waterfalls, its hiking trails, and its culture. But besides these, I think this quaint little town up in the Cordilleras also deserves fame […]

Fun Run in Caramoan

Guest post and photos by Kara Santos/Travel Up Sunrise over rice fields greets participants of the Fun Run in Caramoan. You know that running has really taken off in the country when organized fun runs are held in remote towns like Caramoan. Though connected to the mainland Camarines Sur on a peninsula, the town of […]

Monsoon Biking

Mountain biking is one outdoor activity that generally becomes more enjoyable with a bit of rain. Trails get more challenging when the dirt gets soaked, and pedaling up a slope becomes even more of a mental game when mud enters the equation. Mountain bikes are also all-weather machines that can take the worst of what […]