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8 Best Rides of 2013

Best Rides of 2014

Best Rides of 2013

The start of the new year is the best time to take account of the really good things that happened to us in the past year. When you look back at all the good things that happened to you, and which you accomplished in the past 365 days, it makes you want to look forward to further adventures in the coming days.

Yes, a lot of bad things slammed the country last year, which left most of us scarred in one way or another even though we were not directly affected. But lots of great things also happened to each of us, and we should be thankful for all the good things too.

For me, 2013 was an excellent year for riding two wheels. And here are some of the awesome experiences/adventures that I am thankful for.

Mountain Bike on Mayon's Lava Wall

The souvenir shot that launched a thousand mountain bikers

1. Mayon Lava Trail – It’s not every day that you get to ride close to an active volcano. It would have been more fun if I got to try out the trails beyond the Lava Wall, but there’s always a next time. And next time I’ll be bringing my own bike.

Puray Falls

Puray Falls, it’s not quite the Niagara, but it’s worth all the toil and trouble

2. Puray Falls – This was a group ride that turned into a solo ride that turned into a buddy ride. On hindsight, Puray Falls is not really that far, but the ascent, storm conditions, and washed out roads only added to the fun of getting there and back.

Bike Ride up Kennon Road3. Kennon Road – Not really a trail ride, but the elevation and the scenery are well worth the accumulation of lactic acid in your legs. And who doesn’t want to get their picture taken with that gigantic monument of a cute cross-eyed lion-monkey hybrid?

Bikers in Corregidor

Biking through the ruins of Corregidor

4. Corregidor – This is the bike ride for history buffs. You get to see World War II era ruins and get an idea of the awesome military hardware that was once stored in this island fortress. It doesn’t require you to be exceptionally fit, but it does require a keen interest in history.

Bike Ride to Mall of Asia

On Good Friday, Metro Manila’s roads become a biker’s paradise.

5. Good Friday Urban Ride to MOA – Metro Manila empties out on Holy Week, turning thoroughfares which are normally choked with traffic into amazing open roads that are just perfect for biking. If you live in Metro Manila and you love bikes, you should try doing this so you’ll know what it’s like to bike in a city with clean air.

Timberland's Basic Trail

Christmas trees line up Sapinit Road in Mt. Maarat

6. Post-Christmas Day Ride at Mt. Maarat – It always seems like Christmas in Maarat thanks to the Christmas trees lining up the Sapinit Road. The cool December air and excellent breakfast at Philip’s Sanctuary made this bike ride with my ex-girlfriend one of the best for 2013.

Sangab Cave Sta. Ines, Tanay, Rizal

The cave entrance is underwater. Need to bring my snorkel for this

7. Solo Ride to Sangab Cave – This was supposed to be a group ride to Kinabuan Falls, but my ride buddies bailed on the last minute. Oh well. But since I could not end the year without a decent mountain bike ride, I just had to sneak this in. While looking at Google maps, I saw this spot called Sangab Cave along the Sta. Ines Road. It would have been better if I was able to enter the cave and go spelunking, but I didn’t know that the cave entrance would require you to dive under water to get to the cavern. This definitely needs another visit.

Bobok Bisal Trail In Benguet

It’s a breathtaking scenery, if you have any breath left after wrestling with gravity.

8. Bobok Bisal – Breathtaking mountain scenery, killer downhill, seven hanging bridges. Nuff said. I repeat, this is a bucket lister for Pinoy mountainbikers.

Timberland Blue Zone

The Blue Zone is a lot like Ronda Rousey– beautiful, until she puts you in an armbar and submits you

BONUS! Weekly rides to Timberland – Every weekend is an adventure when you get to ride your bike, test your fitness on the climbs, and improve your skills on the trails and singletracks.

Happy New Year everyone!

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