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Duathlon: More Fun in Batangas

Batangas Duathlon

The duathlon is my favorite kind of race. I like biking, and I like running, and there’s nothing quite like combining the two in one event. So when I got an invitation to try out the Batangas Earth and Water Festival duathlon, I immediately said: Oooh… Hell… Yeah!

Besides, how could anyone say no to a race which promised to take participants down to Taal Lake? So, even though, I had absolutely no practice, and could never do any track read, I signed up for the 5k-20k-3k race. I knew I would suck, but I didn’t care. It’s not everyday that you get to race in a special place like Taal Lake. It also helped that the guys who invited me to the race also threw in a free stay at the excellent Lima Park Hotel.

I just had one problem: was it going to be a trail duathlon or a road duathlon?

Apparently it was the latter. And as I looked at the rows of slick road bikes and road-optimized mountain bikes being slung on the rack at the transition area, I could only hope that these intimidating, ripped, hardcore-looking guys would bonk at some point in the race. I hoped that maybe they got dumped by their girlfriends the night before, drank several longnecks of Emperador afterwards, and were eventually going to break down crying and screeching like Piolo Pascual in some cheesy melodrama. It was the only chance I had of not sucking so bad. Read more [+]

CamSur Enduro Lite 2015

Mt. Isarog Enduro Lite Camarines Sur

Disclaimer: I know zilch about enduro apart from the fact that it seems to be the most talked-about mountain bike racing format right now. I was invited by friends from Naga to try out the Cam Sur Enduro Lite last month, but work commitments got in the way. This was kinda sad because I really wanted to try Mt. Isarog’s trails. I was planning to bike on Isarog last December, but the weather was schizophrenic that month–rainy and dreary when it was supposed to be all sunshiny.

When I got the invite to do the CamSur Enduro Lite, I immediately checked if I could take some time off to finally sample some Cam Sur dirt. But… no can do. Fortunately, some adventurer from Travel Up agreed to cover it for me, while doing some canyoning/waterfall rapelling on the side. So this is the race I missed. Thank you very much Ms. Travel Up.

Enduro Lite on Mt. Isarog

Guest post by Travel Up

101 riders from all over the Bicol Region participated in the 1st Mt. Isarog Enduro Lite Challenge, held last January 25, 2015 at the mountain trails of Mt. Isarog covering parts of Naga City and Municipality of Calabanga.

With an elevation of 1,966 meters above sea level, Mt. Isarog is an ideal destination for mountain climbing and biking. The 19-km challenge route tested riders’ technical bike handling skills as well as their endurance with timed downhills and untimed uphills. Final race times were determined over a series of 3 special stages, with the top prize being awarded to the rider with the fastest combined time. Read more [+]