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Pedaling for Puto Bumbong

Puto Bumbong

It’s not that tasty, but you just have to have it on Christmas

Let’s face it: puto bumbong is not something anyone would describe as delicious. It’s bland, really.

But puto bumbong is also something that’s so firmly welded to the idea of a Pinoy Christmas that not eating it, even once during December, is like missing out on a big part of the Pasko experience. This was why I woke up at 5AM today: to seek out puto bumbong, to boldly eat what everyone else seems to be craving for.

Yes, it’s sentimental, but I make no apologies. Read more [+]

Timberland’s Basic Trail and Roxas Loop

Timberland's Basic Trail and Roxas Trail, Mountain Biking in the Philippines

The basic trail, it’s pretty basic but it’s a nice place for newbies to get some trail experience

Seems like a lot of people have been buying mountain bikes the past few weeks. It’s no surprise, people are awash with cash right now thanks to Christmas bonuses, and many are eager to get into this thing called mountain biking.

If you just bought a bike, ride it around the city streets for a while so you can be more familiar with your new toy and how it handles. The U.P. Diliman campus is an excellent place to learn how to bike. Once you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to level up your fitness and tackle the climbs. Timberland’s The Wall is an excellent training ground for pushing your inner Son Goku from Saiyan to Super Saiyan. Just don’t push yourself beyond your limits. If you think you’re about to black out from the strain of the climb, take a breather. Not everyone can conquer the wall in one go. Don’t go all out on the descent either.

Even veteran bikers have met accidents on that crazy fast descent. But once you’ve done The Wall, what’s next? The obvious answer is beyond the gate, and into the real trails! Read more [+]

Biking up Kennon Road to Baguio

Bike Ride up Kennon Road
Hey, I didn’t know we could get to Singapore by bike

Until last November 30th, I had never been to Kennon Road. This was a travesty because Kennon is one of the most beautiful roads in the country. I’ve travelled around lots of places in the Philippines, and Kennon ranks way up there among the roads that are just pure joy to ride through.

Kennon snakes for more than 30 kilometers through a canyon dotted with waterfalls, slopes covered with pine trees and sunflowers, and cliffs and peaks that truly scrape the skies. It’s also a road with a reputation for danger. Kennon has sharp curves, switchbacks, and pavement that can turn slippery in the rain. Rockslides also occasionally happen, especially when there’s heavy rain. All this means that motorists can’t safely take their eyes off the line of the road for more than a few seconds, which is a shame because they’re missing out on the awesome scenery.

Bikers, however, are not so burdened. Since we move according to a more natural pace—the pace of our breathing—we can soak in as much of the mountain spectacle as we want. We are swimming and diving in the scenery while motorists are just skimming the surface. It makes you almost pity them. Read more [+]

Epic Bike Ride on the Bobok-Bisal Trail in Benguet

Bobok Bisal Trail In Benguet

The scenery is breathtaking, in case you have any breath left after wrestling with gravity.
Photo courtesy of Roger of Late Comers Harcor team

The Bobok Bisal Trail is definitely the most challenging ride I’ve done so far. This trail, which winds through the heart of the town of Bokod in Benguet province, will test your lungs and legs with its punishing ascents.

However, the true test comes later when it’s time to descend. The long technical downhill will push your handling skills to their very limits. Loose gravel, babyhead rocks, roots, deep ruts, berms, cliffs and a very steep grade that recalls the roller coaster route that is The Wall in some sections: Bobok-Bisal has plenty of these.

But along with the extreme challenges come epic rewards. The views of the pine covered peaks and slopes are simply fantastic. The downhill shoots a drum full of adrenaline through your frail shaking veins. And the flowy singletrack in the cliff sections is the stuff of mountain bikers’ wet gushing dreams. Read more [+]