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Le Tour de Filipinas 2013 Stage 2

Le Tour de Filipinas Stage 2

A fast flat route amid scorching temperatures tests the riders of Le Tour de Filipinas Stage 2

The heat returned with a vengeance on Day 2 of Le Tour de Filipinas. The longest stage of the tour was likely also its hottest stage as the sun baked the roads from Aparri, Cagayan to Cauayan City, Isabela.

The heat was already making itself felt as early as 8am when riders began arriving at the starting line. It was not yet uncomfortable, but the humidity was palpable. I left the town of Aparri with the TV crew at around 8:30 or about half an hour before the race started to scout for a few scenic spots for filming. Even though it was just mid-morning, I think I already consumed two bottles of water because of the heat. And to think that I was riding in an airconditioned car.
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Le Tour de Filipinas 2013 Stage 1

Le Tour 2013 kicks off in Bangui, Ilocos Norte

Riders rush out of the starting line as Le Tour 2013 kicks off in Bangui, Ilocos Norte

Pinoy cyclists gave a gallant fight, but in the end the superior training of foreign pros was just too much. That pretty much sums up the action at the recently concluded Le Tour de Filipinas–the most prestigious biking race in the Philippines.

I was fortunate to have been part of the media contingent for this year’s tour. I was invited by Living Asia Channel to document the event, and am now in the process of writing the script for it. I finally got to see the windmills in Bangui Ilocos Norte, ride through the awesome Patapat viaduct again, see the postcard pretty Marlboro country in Cagayan, and witness the brutal but beautiful uphill road from Nueva Vizcaya to Baguio. Most important of all, I got the chance to observe up close what a UCI sanctioned race looks like. And let me tell you, it’s the next best thing to actually seeing the Tour de France. Read more [+]

Covering the Le Tour de Filipinas 2013

The most prestigious bike race in the Philippines

Le Tour de Filipinas 2013: The most prestigious bike race in the Philippines

Last month, I switched to a 29er bike thinking that this would give me the edge I needed for my very first pure mountain bike race. No, I don’t mean to imply that 29ers are superior machines to 26ers. But as any biker knows, nothing motivates you to practice and hammer the trails quite like a new bike.

But sadly, I will not be taking part in the Giant XC Cup at the scenic La Mesa Forest Reserve. The reason is this: Le Tour De Filipinas 2013— the only UCI certified race in the Philippines. I won’t be taking part in it as a racer, but I will be covering it for a TV channel. Read more [+]

7 tips for Outbreak Manila newbies

The Philippines' premiere undead running event

The Philippines’ premiere undead running event

The Walking Dead has gone on hiatus again, and everyone needs their zombie fix. Not to worry, you can try your hands (and feet and legs) at undead confrontation and evasion later this week. Outbreak Manila is upon us again. A few days from now, thousands of health and undead afficionados will converge on a former military camp to test themselves against a corps of cannibal corpses (cue death metal music!) Read more [+]