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Wall Climbing In Power Up Tandang Sora

A climber tries to overcome an overhang

Personally, I think bikers and runners should take on climbing to balance things out. While biking and running give our legs a great workout, they neglect the upper body. Climbing takes care of this. Also, if you bike or run in Wawa, you must be familiar with its magnificent soaring cliffs that are just waiting to be scaled.

And there’s no better place to learn climbing than in Power Up Tandang Sora–the grand daddy of wall climbing gyms in the Philippines. It is one of the first (if not the first) indoor climbing gyms ever built in the country.  Read more [+]

Bisikleta Iglesia

Bisikleta Iglesia

Bisikleta Iglesia: Making a pilgrimage to at lest seven churches by bicycle

Holy week is here. While thousands are preparing to head off to the beach, bikers as usual are looking for the next epic ride. Fortunately, for many religious Pinoy bikers, it is possible mix their passion for biking with the observance of the passion and death of Christ. It’s called Bisikleta Iglesia.

Visita Iglesia is a cherished Filipino tradition every Holy Week. Each year, during Maundy Thursday, thousands of Filipinos across the country make a pilgrimage to at least seven churches to remember the stations of the cross. Two years ago, I and a group of friends thought about giving another twist to this Pinoy custom. We did it by bike–we visited seven churches in our home province of Rizal. Read more [+]

8 tips on buying your first mountain bike

Bikes for sale

How to buy your first mountain bike

So you’re sick of spending the weekends glued to the TV. You’re feeling slightly guilty about spending half your day “liking” status updates. You’ve also noticed your neck is starting to disappear, while another layer of love handles is pushing its way up your sides. 

You know you need to get some exercise, and biking seems a likely choice. It doesn’t look as physically taxing as running, and it can burn as many calories. The only problem is… you don’t have a bike yet. You need to buy your first mountain bike. Read more [+]

Switching to a 29er Bike


29er Mountain Bike

29er Mountain Bike

Originally, I wanted to say “Upgrading to a 29er.” But I realized that that would be biased. It would suggest that 26er bikes were somehow inferior, which is hardly the case. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why 26 inch wheels have come to dominate the mountain bike world.

But first things first. For those new to mountain biking, a 29er is a bike that has wheels with a diameter of 29 inches. Standard mountain bikes have smaller 26 inch wheels. And no you can’t simply slap a 29 inch wheel into a standard mountain bike, they just won’t fit. You’ll need a new bike frame and a new fork as well. Read more [+]